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Fri, 19 Jan 2018 22:50:18 +0000
Schrodinger's GPOs

Our GPOs are showing as both applied and not. They all seem to be working, but why are they showing as both applied and denied? All GPOs are set with 'Authenticated Users' having read rights via security filtering.

Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:45:24 +0000
Dell R710 Hyper V host NIC Teaming issue

Good afternoon,

I have an R710 server I will be using as a storage and backup server host as well as file sharing for our QNAP NAS attached via iSCSI LUNs. The server has four NICs (Qlogic BCM5709C) native to the factory hardware. They all currently have staticly assigned IP addresses and are not applied to any Virtual Switches in Hyper-V. 

I am attempting to team the 4 NICs and then create 4 "Team interfaces" to use in Hyper-V as network switches. However, when I attempt to team the four NICs, only 3 of the devices populate in the NIC teaming snap-in of Server 2016 Datacenter.

A little guidance would be appreciated, as I seem to be having a case of the "forgetful Fridays".

Sat, 20 Jan 2018 00:08:10 +0000
Auditing Active Directory

I have recently taken over security where I work and one of the things I am doing is auditing Active Directory.  First thing I did was disable every account that hasn't been touched in over 90 days.  I have found active accounts over a decade old, and am slowly going through it.  I do not have any third-party tools for auditing, nor is purchasing or using them (even trials) an option at this time.  So what are your recommendations for auditing AD when there are no extra tools available?  And I would love to hear any ideas for best practices concerning AD security and account maintenance. 

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 15:43:17 +0000
Server 2016 Best Practices Setup Question

Longtime reader, first time poster. Thank you to everyone on here that posts, I have received some awesome help on here!

  1. What would a good setup for the current scenario (best practices essentially)?
  2. What should my install order be?

Medical clinic, 100% paperless (medical software runs on SQL Server 2008), i.e. completely dependent on servers. Medical software being upgrade, requires a newer version of SQL. Deciding to upgrade both server software (2016) and SQL all at the same time.

Current Setup:

Newer version of SQL...

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 16:30:38 +0000
Access and Modify BIOS within Windows

Is there a tool that can access the bios settings within Windows?

I have a remote computer that keeps on turning off probably because of a power outage. So I want to set it to automatically turn on, hopefully within Windows so I could perform it remotely.

DELL PC.  OptiPlex 990, Windows 7

PS: Purpose of this post is to find out if there's any tool out there that can modify bios within Windows without going to to the conventional screen.

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 04:07:46 +0000
File Server Permissions not Propagating

I have a weird issue with a lack of permissions propagating down on our file server. For our departmental shared drive I have roughly 2 dozen root folders set up, each with an associated security group. The groups have all permissions except Full Control. Users have the drive mapped and I have it set so that they only see the folders they have permissions for. For the most part it works well.

The issue we're having is that occasionally newly created sub folders and files default to the wrong ownership. It sets the owner to the creator rather than the file server admin group. When this happens I have to go in and manually take ownership and set the permissions correctly. I've also come across folders the don't have inheritance enabled, so I have to manually enable inheritance on them. Not sure what I'm missing here. It's probably...

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 15:13:34 +0000
O365 LastLogonTime Left Me Scratching My Head

Hello Spiceheads,

We have a user that has left the company already for over a year. We found out that his user account wasn't deactivated in AD. And..

- He's got an expired password since months ago

- Last login in on-prem AD shows Null

- Azure AD sign in report shows nothing

- We dug audits and search for activities in Security and Compliance Portal but zero result

- No Account delegation

- No successful logins in our ADFS server

- No active device on activesync.

- Nothing everywhere we looked.

However.. The account is showing active in Get-Mailboxstatistics LastLogonTime...logging in Everyday..

We called Microsoft and they couldn't figure it out either.

We have a bunch of scripts that does reporting and relies a lot on lastlogon attribute. And because of this, it makes me don't want to trust that info anymore.

Anyone have come across this kind...

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 11:04:10 +0000
WSUS missing a Windows 10 update


I am running a Windows 2012 R2 WSUS server. Microsoft released an update on 1/17/2018 with KB name KB4057144. This update resolves some false positive notifications with my antivirus. Despite 3 successful WSUS server (i know, redundant) syncs with upstream servers, my WSUS has not pulled down this update. I have both Windows 10 selected and "updates" (the category the KB falls under) selected in my products and classifications and the 2012 R2 and 8.1 equivalent packages came down successfully.

Any recommedations on how to pull down this update? I know i can manually import this but i'd like to figure out why my WSUS skipped this update.

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 18:50:19 +0000
Recently I have built windows server 2012 and installed Active directory success

Recently I have built windows server 2012 and installed Active directory successfully and then I have created one Local domain account after that I cannot log in through that Local account in my AD server expect Local administrator account

Error “an authentication error has occurred the local security authority cannot be contacted”

Can anyone help me how to fix this issue?

Windows 10 Windows Updates

Hi there,

My Windows 10 PCs are rebooting during the week, and I am at a loss as to why.

Currently the only things set via GP are listed in the screenshot below, and Configure automatic updates is set to Auto Download and Install at 3AM on Saturdays - yet, my machine rebooted at 540PM last night. RSOP confirms these are the only Windows Update settings, so any input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Happy Friday!

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