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Armenia’s parliament sets date for prime minister vote
Opposition protest leader Nikol Pashinian has said he wants to become prime minister. It's unclear if he will get support from parliament where the Republican Party has a majority.

'Golden State Killer' suspect arrested in California 40 years after first murder
Police have arrested a man suspected of being a serial killer responsible for dozens of deaths and rapes in California. The man evaded capture for decades after terrorizing parts of California in the 1970s and 1980s.

Nuclear accidents make mutant bugs and birds
Biologist Timothy Mousseau has spent years collecting mutant bugs, birds and mice around Chernobyl and Fukushima. In a DW interview, he shares some surprising insights into the effects of nuclear accidents on wildlife.

Geologists find North Korea's nuclear site unusable after collapse
Geologists said earthquakes triggered by a nuclear test last year inflicted heavy damages on North Korea's main test site. The North recently announced it would be freezing its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Ex-president of Council of Europe assembly under fire for Azerbaijan-linked corruption
Luxury gifts, money and prostitutes: a report concluded that Pedro Agramunt likely accepted bribes from Azerbaijan in exchange for silencing criticism. He denied the charges — though he wished in part it were otherwise.

Search requests for missing Syrians soar, says Red Cross
After initially dealing with up to 50 requests a month, the Red Cross has said that in recent months, thousands of people have sought its help. Reunions, however, have seldom occurred, according to the aid organization.

Scientists find evidence of prehistoric man-vs-giant sloth battle
Fossilized footprints in New Mexico tell a tale of pursuit, misdirection and evasion between ancient humans and the strong giant sloth. The rare find could shed light on how man hunted prey — possibly to extinction.

US states launch gun violence research group, bypassing Congress
A consortium to research gun violence has been launched by six US states and Puerto Rico. Their governors have said expert findings will fill a void left by a 1996 federal ban on such studies.

French tycoon Vincent Bollore charged in Africa probe
A French judge has indicted billionaire businessman Vincent Bollore in a corruption investigation. It's alleged that his company undercharged election publicity work to win public contracts in Africa.

Turkey: Opposition Cumhuriyet journalists sentenced to jail on terror charges
International rights groups criticized the case as emblematic of deteriorating press freedom in Turkey. Cumhuriyet is one of the newspapers critical of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Opinion: Bravo, Emmanuel Macron!
In the strange current reality of Washington, Macron's state visit was a success. His rousing speech in Congress showed that a personal bond won't keep him from standing up to Trump's policies, says DW's Michael Knigge.

Wine production drops, but there’s still enough to go round
Are you drinking more than your fair share of wine? There are fewer than five bottles produced globally per person each year. The flow has been stemmed somewhat by poor weather conditions in Europe.

Fajr International Film Festival: Tehran meets Hollywood
Iranian actors, Indian directors and a Hollywood icon have come together in Tehran at Asia's oldest film festival. DW's Theresa Tropper spoke with the festival's director, Reza Mirkarimi.

Opinion: Autocrats' stranglehold on the media
Freedom of the press is seriously under threat in Eastern Europe. Europeans like to see themselves as torchbearers of democratic values, but DW's Volker Wagener says the reality tells a different story.

French President Emmanuel Macron rocks US Congress with speech
French President Macron addressed a joint session of Congress and said he hoped the United States would someday come back to the Paris Climate agreement. He dwelt on a long, common history between France and the US.

World in Progress: Stories that matter from around the world
World in Progress is a 30-minute radio show that connects the dots in a globalized era.
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