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Bangladesh: Many dead after massive fire breaks out in Dhaka
At least 45 people have died after a fire broke out in an apartment building that was reportedly also used as a chemical warehouse. The blaze has also spread to nearby buildings. Officials expect the death toll to rise. [ + ]

Swiss deny call with Venezuela's Juan Guaido over bank accounts
The swift denial has come after the opposition leader claimed he spoke with the Swiss president about freezing bank accounts. He accused officials at home of moving money abroad as the struggle for power drags on. [ + ]

Did anti-Semites infiltrate France's yellow vests?
A Jewish human rights group has told DW that anti-Semites "hijacked" the yellow vest movement. Anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise in France, something the government has linked with the protests. [ + ]

Donald Trump: Car tariffs hinge on trade talks with 'very difficult' EU
During talks with the US president, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said he wanted to prevent an escalation in the trade war between the US and the EU. However, Trump said he isn't taking car tariffs off the table. [ + ]

US says it won't take back Alabama woman who joined 'Islamic State'
The United States claims Hoda Muthana does not have a US passport, and has no right to obtain one. A lawyer for her family says Muthana does have that right because she was born in New Jersey. [ + ]

Bangladesh says British IS bride Shamima Begum not a citizen
The Foreign Ministry in Dhaka has rejected any claim that British IS bride Shamima Begum might have to citizenship. The UK has moved to withdraw Begum's citizenship, in a move she has described as "a bit unjust." [ + ]

May and Juncker confirm commitment to plod along as clock runs down on Brexit
The UK prime minister and the president of the European Commission have said that talks were "constructive," yet they produced no plan to break the current impasse. Further talks are planned. [ + ]

France's Macron unveils plan to tackle anti-Semitism
French President Emmanuel Macron has announced new measures to tackle anti-Semitism, including a ban on extremist far-right groups. The move comes after a recent hike in anti-Semitic attacks. [ + ]

Opinion: Putin's empty promises
In his annual speech, Russia's Vladimir Putin tried to fight sinking political popularity with often heard promises. But these are shattered by a reality that he has been responsible for, says DW's Ingo Mannteufel. [ + ]

Germany rebuffs UK call to lift ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia
Germany manufactures key components of European defense projects, amplifying the effect of its export bans. Britain's foreign secretary warned that the Saudi arms export ban damages common European defense policy. [ + ]

Air ticket wars, meager profits for Asia's budget carriers
The skies over Asia Pacific are more crowded than ever thanks to the rise of low-cost airlines. Profit margins, however, are razor thin as flyers are tempted with fares for just a few cents, while costs continue to rise. [ + ]

'I really give President Trump a lot of credit': US Senator Jim Risch
The annual Munich Security Conference highlighted the growing divide between the US and Europe. DW meets Jim Risch, chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to discuss the most contentious issues. [ + ]

Cameroon: Anglophone separatists 'use children as a bargaining chip'
It's hard to be a child in Cameroon. Widespread poverty and state neglect hurt the youngest most. Children in the English-speaking region now have to contend with a new enemy: separatists attacking their own people. [ + ]

Anti-Brexit lawmakers quit Theresa May's Conservative Party
Three anti-Brexit lawmakers have quit the Conservative Party, saying PM Theresa May is handling the Brexit process "disastrously." The move comes two days after several anti-Brexit lawmakers left the Labour Party. [ + ]

Switzerland avalanche: 1 dead as police call off rescue at Crans-Montana
Swiss rescue teams have stopped a search for people after an avalanche killed one and injured three others. It was a rare avalanche onto a busy piste. [ + ]

Bilawal Bhutto: 'Pakistan needs to tackle extremism for its own sake'
In a DW interview at the Munich Security Conference Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Pakistani politician and son of late PM Benazir Bhutto, urged more engagement between Islamabad and New Delhi to resolve the Kashmir dispute. [ + ]
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