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World Refugee Day: Migration problems help populists prosper in Europe
In many EU countries, right-wing populists are reaping the benefits of the unsolved migration problems. A European solution is becoming increasingly difficult, and countries are starting to go it alone.

In Iran, football, religion and politics often overlap
Religion has a major impact on the sport of football in Iran. Many professional players in the country, however, favor progressive political reforms. Most fans simply want to enjoy the beautiful game.

US withdraws from UN Human Rights Council
The Trump administration has yet again pulled the United States out of a major global body — this time the UN Human Rights Council. The move comes a day after the UNHRC criticized Trump's immigration policies.

In Bulgaria, one medical student shuns Western Europe to help rural villages in need
Bulgarian medical students are usually keen on finding employment abroad, but Sheip Panev is an exception. Instead of moving to Western Europe, he has vowed to care for Bulgaria's elderly villagers. Rayna Breuer reports.

Government of Indian Kashmir collapses, federal rule likely
India's ruling party has pulled out of a coalition that runs the disputed Kashmir region due to worsening "terrorism and violence." Analysts say the move is a ploy to help the party win national elections next year.

Critics say el-Sissi's media law shuts down speech in Egypt
Earlier this month, Egypt's parliament passed a law to regulate media and journalists. Critics say the law could stifle journalistic expression.

Asylum benefits in the EU: How member states compare
The level of financial aid EU members provide to asylum-seekers can vary significantly from country to country. Germany, for instance, grants monthly allowances of up to ˆ354. DW examines asylum benefits across the bloc.

Appalling conditions for Burundi and Congolese refugees in Tanzania
About 355,000 refugees from Burundi and DR Congo live in western Tanzania, where they are barred from working or setting foot outside their makeshift camps. The conditions are 'miserable,' as Prosper Kwigize reports.

US set to announce departure from UN Human Rights Council: reports
UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is reportedly set to deliver the verdict along with the secretary of state. The reported move comes just a day after the UNHRC criticized the Trump administration's immigration policies.

Ngugi wa Thiong'o: 'African languages need to talk to each other'
Renowned Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong'o has been in Germany, reading from his work at the event "Voices of Africa." He spoke to DW about the crucial role of African languages in empowering the continent.

Hungary legislature to vote on 'Stop Soros' bill, despite CoE warning
The legislation would criminalize aid to illegal immigrants and is punishable with up to one year in jail. Hungary chose to consider the bill before the European Commission was able to submit its conclusion on it.

Merkel, Macron announce plans for new eurozone budget
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her French counterpart have vowed to introduce a single eurozone budget and emergency funding as part of far-reaching reforms. They also agreed to reduce the refugee flow to Europe.

Why Taliban won't make peace with Kabul
Post-ceasefire attacks in Afghanistan have killed over a dozen national troops, dashing hopes for a long-term truce between the Taliban and Kabul. Why are the militants unwilling to reciprocate government's peace offer?

Catholics protest priest killings in Philippines
Religious groups and concerned citizens in the Philippines took to the streets to protest the brazen killing of three Catholic priests over the past several months. Ana P. Santos reports from Manila.

Brexit Diaries 38: (Un-)Happy Brexit Day
Theresa’s magic money tree, broken promises and the boomerang, preaching Brexit and sucking at the teat in Europe: Two years after the referendum, smoke and mirrors still obscure the Brexit view.

Dutch judges dismiss UK expats' post-Brexit rights case
Dutch judges have rejected a bid by British expats seeking to take a landmark case on their rights as EU citizens after Brexit. The court ruled that the claims were "too vague" to be considered by Luxembourg judges.
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