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Theresa May heads for talks with EU leaders after Brexit vote delay
British PM Theresa May is headed to Berlin to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel in an attempt to salvage her Brexit deal. The last-minute Europe trip comes a day after she delayed a parliamentary vote on the draft deal. [ + ]

Angela Merkel urges Vladimir Putin to release Ukrainian sailors
The chancellor told her Russian counterpart that measures needed to be taken to ensure "smooth passage" through the Kerch Strait. But stopping conflict in the Sea of Azov wasn't the only thing the two leaders discussed. [ + ]

Opinion: Alexander Solzhenitsyn's genius more relevant than ever
On December 11, the Nobel laureate and last great giant of Russian literature would have turned 100. Critic Victor Yerofeyev says despite a grave error late in life, the genius of Alexander Solzhenitsyn is eternal. [ + ]

Opinion: A Monty Python madhouse in Westminster
In the eleventh hour, British PM Theresa May recoiled to delay a decision on her Brexit deal. The move may save her government for the time being but makes a hard Brexit is more likely, writes Barbara Wesel. [ + ]

Is media censorship a coming threat in Poland?
Poland's ruling party PiS and state institutions want to intimidate critical media. The National Bank of Poland wants articles on corruption in the financial sector erased online. Journalist organizations are protesting. [ + ]

French President Emmanuel Macron announces ˆ100 rise in minimum wage after protests
French President Emmanuel Macron has promised a minimum wage increase and tax concessions in a televised response to weeks of anti-government street protests. Political opponents have called the response insufficient. [ + ]

Anti-Semitism in the EU: Jewish people consider leaving over safety concerns
A surge in anti-Semitism in Europe has made many Jews consider leaving, according to an EU survey. Anti-Semitism has risen particularly in France, with Jewish people in Germany reporting the highest level of harassment. [ + ]

Spain asks: Is monarchy right for us?
Spaniards have been casting ballots in unofficial people's votes to abolish the monarchy. Many say it's time Spain became a republic and argue that the king no longer helps to hold the country together. [ + ]

Rome shows Christmas crib made of sand
This year, the Bethlehem nativity scene is modelled on St. Peter's Square from sand, which was specially delivered from the Adriatic town of Jesolo. An annual sand sculpture festival takes place there. [ + ]

UK can halt Brexit unilaterally, EU court rules
The European Court of Justice has ruled that the UK could reverse Brexit without consulting other EU states. The ruling came a day before an expected vote on the deal in parliament, which now may be postponed. [ + ]

Armenia PM Nikol Pashinian's alliance wins by landslide
Armenia's acting prime minister is on track to consolidate his power after preliminary results put his alliance ahead in parliamentary elections. Nikol Pashinian took office in May after leading anti-corruption protests. [ + ]

Brexit: Theresa May warns of elections, uncertainty, if deal rejected
With a key Parliament vote on her Brexit plan looming, Prime Minister Theresa May has warned that a rejection of the deal could take Britain into "uncharted waters." She also raised the specter of a general election. [ + ]

France: More than 1,200 in custody after 'yellow vest' riots
President Emmanuel Macron will speak to the French people after a fourth week of protests that have shaken the country. Unrest sparked by proposed fuel tax hikes has morphed into a general anti-government revolt. [ + ]

Armenia goes to the polls: Will the peaceful revolution continue?
Just last May Armenia celebrated the "world's merriest apocalypse." Now the country is holding the first elections since its "Velvet Revolution." Felix Franz reports from Yerevan. [ + ]

My Europe: Rekindle the trans-Atlantic love story!
America will survive beyond Donald Trump's presidency — and so should the trans-Atlantic relationship, writes Romanian analyst Radu Magdin. With its complex geopolitics, Eastern Europe plays a key role in this context. [ + ]

Ukraine to ditch Russian friendship treaty amid tensions
The Russian-Ukrainian Friendship Treaty has been highly controversial on both sides in the past. Now, Kyiv has apparently had its patience tested for too long. The agreement, which expires in 2019, will not be extended. [ + ]

Kosovo: Survivors of wartime sexual violence speak out
After many years of silence, hundreds of survivors of sexual violence during the Kosovo war have decided to come forward. Researchers argue that this crime was a weapon of "ethnic cleansing." [ + ]

Santa-themed race draws thousands in Spain's Madrid
Christmas has come early to the streets of the Spanish capital in the form of thousands of Santa Clauses. But these Saint Nicks were unusually athletic — and weren't out and about delivering presents. [ + ]

Belgian PM reshuffles cabinet after right-wing party quits over UN migration pact
Prime Minister Charles Michel stood firm against calls from a coalition partner to quit the international migration pact. He now faces the delicate task of reshuffling his cabinet along linguistic lines. [ + ]

Russian human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva dies at 91
For more than a half century, Lyudmila Alexeyeva never gave up and remained optimistic Russia would become democratic. "Today's young people give me the feeling of not having lived in vain," she told DW last year. [ + ]
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