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Can the EU's Ursula von der Leyen fulfill her promises
Now that she's been elected European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen can get to work realizing her EU vision. Who will she have to win over in the European Parliament, and which member states stand in her way? [ + ]

UK arrests Manchester bomber's brother
Libyan authorities have extradited the brother of the suicide bomber who killed 22 people outside a Manchester concert. British authorities believe he may have had prior knowledge of the deadly terror attack. [ + ]

Extinction Rebellion protesters arrested in London
Hundreds of demonstrators set up camp across the UK, disrupting traffic and concrete production. The second day of a week long nationwide protest demands more action on climate change from the British government. [ + ]

Turkish journalists acquitted of terrorist propaganda charges
Erol Onderoglu, the national representative for Reporters Without Borders, was one of three facing 14 years in jail. 140 journalists are currently in prison in Turkey, despite international demands that they be set free. [ + ]

Turkish diplomat killed in Iraq's Kurdish capital, Irbil
At least one diplomat has been killed in Irbil, the capital of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish zone. An unknown gunman was reported to have fired at a group dining in a restaurant. [ + ]

EU opens antitrust probe into Amazon over use of merchant data
The investigation is probing whether the e-commerce giant is using merchant data to gain a competitive advantage. The move came hours after Germany said it was dropping a seven-month antitrust probe into Amazon. [ + ]

Italian author Andrea Camilleri dies
The Sicilian writer penned the Inspector Montalbano best-sellers. The novels were later translated to the small screen, where they became a global popularity. [ + ]

French Parliament approves Notre Dame restoration bill
President Emmanuel Macron succeeded in obtaining a blueprint for Notre Dame's restoration, which could pave the way for his controversial plan to replace the spire with a "modern" design. [ + ]

MH17 downing and probe: What you need to know
A Boeing 777 passenger jet was destroyed above a Ukraine conflict zone in 2014, with all 298 people on board losing their lives. International investigators blame pro-Russia rebels, and have started naming suspects. [ + ]

Flight MH17, five years on: What happens next?
In early 2020, following a long international investigation, a Dutch court will seek to prosecute four individuals over the 2014 air disaster that claimed 289 lives. None of the accused are expected at the trial. [ + ]

Opinion: Von der Leyen a sound choice in turbulent times
Up to the last minute it was unclear if Ursula von der Leyen would be accepted as the next European Commission president. Her stellar speech and a lack of alternatives won MEPs over, says DW Editor-in-Chief Ines Pohl.  [ + ]

Germany's von der Leyen voted new European Commission president
German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen had faced an uphill battle as a compromise candidate. She won by a slim majority, with 383 out of 747 votes. [ + ]

Italy's far-right Salvini moves to round up Roma, Sinti
Interior Minister Salvini has asked regional officials to draw up maps of "illegal settlements." Non-Italians are to be sent back to their countries of origin. [ + ]

Germany's Selmayr to quit as top EU civil servant
Secretary-General Martin Selmayr looks set to quit next week. The German drew rebukes last year over his sudden rise to Commission general secretary and combatant advocate for outgoing president Jean-Claude Juncker. [ + ]

French environment minister resigns over lavish lifestyle claims
Francois de Rugy has said that the allegations meant he was no longer able to carry out his job properly. The resignation heaps further pressure on President Emmanuel Macron's government, which critics say is elitist. [ + ]

Greek man arrested over American scientist's death
Suzanne Eaton, a biologist at Germany's Max Planck, was found dead in an abandoned WWII bunker in the island of Crete. She was a world-renowned scientist in developmental biology. [ + ]

Colombian nabbed in Spain with cocaine under toupee
A Colombian man has landed in a hairy situation after officials at Barcelona airport found half a kilo of cocaine hidden under his toupee. Police said his nervous demeanor and over-sized hairpiece caught their attention. [ + ]

Von der Leyen urges 'green deal' for a more united EU
Von der Leyen said just before her election as European Commission president she would make Europe the "first climate neutral continent." She also pledged more female EU commissioners and to extend the Brexit date. [ + ]

Italian police find huge stash of weapons during far-right investigation
An investigation into far-right extremist groups in Italy led to the police finding an air-to-air missile, machine guns and rocket launchers. The huge weapons haul was almost without precedent, authorities said. [ + ]

EU penalizes Turkey over Cyprus offshore drilling
Brussels is to impose punitive measures on Ankara over its offshore gas drilling activities near Cyprus. "Targeted measures" on transport and bank lending are part of the EU package. [ + ]
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