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What is the Orthodox Church?
After the Catholic and Protestant churches, the Eastern Orthodox Church is the world's third-largest Christian faith. As a rift between its Ukrainian and Russian branches deepen, DW looks at its history and beliefs.

Rescued migrants in limbo while waiting for resettlement in Germany
More than 100 migrants who were rescued at sea have been waiting months to be transferred to Germany, the German government says. Bureaucracy seems to be the main obstacle.

Women struggle to survive Greece's notorious refugee camp
Women stranded as refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos face daily violence, never-ending asylum procedures and horrible living conditions. DW's Marianna Karakoulaki spoke with some of them about their experiences.

Poland's PiS nationalists face test in local election battles
Sunday's vote will show whether Polish political winds still favor the ruling populist Law and Justice party. The liberal opposition is hoping for winds of change, and they are counting on Poland's cities for support.

Italy sends police to French border after alleged migrants returned
Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said the time for joking around was over. French officials said the procedure of returning asylum-seekers was routine, but Salvini demanded answers from French President Emmanuel Macron.

EU spells out Italy budget plan concerns
The EU's budget chief has called for a row over Italy's draft budget to be resolved calmly. Rome's plans to flout eurozone budget discipline rules pushed Moody's to downgrade the country's credit rating.

Thousands in London march for vote on Brexit terms
Organizers claimed 700,000 turned out in London, calling for a vote on the terms of the Brexit deal. Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly ruled out another referendum.

Kosovo votes to establish national army
Kosovo's lawmakers have moved to create a national army in a vote boycotted by the parliament's Serb minority lawmakers. Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic said the move could lead to "tragic consequences."

Macedonian lawmakers back North Macedonia name change
Macedonian parliamentarians have voted in favor of starting the process to change the country's name to North Macedonia. The name change would clear the path for the country's entry into NATO and possibly the EU.

UK grooming gang jailed for sexual abuse of young girls
Twenty men from the English town of Huddersfield have been jailed for raping young girls between 2004 and 2011. The cases are the latest in a series of prosecutions of child sexual exploitation in England's north.

Switzerland, Victorinox settle Swiss Army perfume dispute
Who owns the "Swiss Army" brand? According to Switzerland, its military does. After a contentious battle with Victorinox, the makers of the world-famous pocketknives, the two sides have reached an agreement.

Angela Merkel defies Trump, defends free trade at EU-Asia meeting
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rebuked the "America First" approach to free trade of US President Donald Trump. Meeting in Brussels, European and Asian leaders have pledged to create "win-win" situations.

EU court orders Poland to suspend judges' retirement
Warsaw must "immediately suspend" the legal changes that force its Supreme Court judges to retire, according to the EU's top court. Judicial independence in the country is "under threat."

Brexit: Jewish families in UK who fled Nazis seek German passports
As Brexit approaches, figures show that Germans who made Britain their home are increasingly applying for repatriation. The majority are the families of those who fled because they were persecuted by the Nazi regime.

Crimea college shooting rampage shocks Russia
Russian media are calling it "Russia's Columbine." After a teenage gunman opened fire at a technical college on the annexed Crimean peninsula, Vladimir Putin is pointing fingers and Russians are looking for answers.

Hungary's university ban on gender studies heats up culture war
It's the most visible step by Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government against "gender madness," but it's also part of a broader ideological offensive one that takes aim at moderates in the ruling Fidesz party, too.

Court in Finland finds pro-Kremlin trolls guilty of harassing journalist
In a major ruling that exceeded prosecutors' requests, a court in Finland sentenced a man to prison for harassing journalist Jessikka Aro. She had been targeted for years by pro-Russian trolls over her reporting.

EU summit: Theresa May says 'maybe' to transition period extension
The EU summit brought the possibility of an extended period for Britain's Brexit process and more funds for dealing with migrants across the bloc. But the UK's Theresa May has challenges from her own party at home.

Could oil nation Norway help save the climate?
The world may not be able to make necessary changes in time to limit rapid global temperature rise, the UN climate panel has warned. Existing emissions must also be captured and stored. Norway thinks it has the answer.

Norway apologizes to wartime 'German girls'
Norway has apologized to women and their descendants ostracized after World War II for coupling or having children with occupying German soldiers. Prime Minister Erna Solberg said Norwegian reprisals were "shameful."
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