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Future of Notre Dame Cathedral wide open
More than two months after the devastating fire that ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, reconstruction details remain unclear. The French National Assembly has the issue on its agenda again. [ + ]

Why the memory of the Holocaust has become a "monster"
In his novel about a Holocaust scholar, Yishai Sarid is critical of Israeli remembrance culture. In an interview with DW, he speaks about Auschwitz and the pornography of evil. [ + ]

'Dark' season two drops on Netflix
Another ten episodes of the time-bending supernatural mystery series with shades of "Stranger Things" will be available to stream from today. And with season three on the way, the German series has much more to come. [ + ]

'Fridays for Future': What next?
Will young people protesting around the world to demand action on the climate crisis be the vanguard of a new movement to tackle overconsumption and our throw-away society? One expert is optimistic. [ + ]

Rheingau Music Festival: 'We are totally independent'
In a country with a highly subsidized culture scene, Germany's Rheingau Music Festival stands out — it doesn't depend on public funding. The managing director explains how that works. [ + ]

Are conspiracy theories 'explanations for real problems'?
How do conspiracy theories take hold, and why are these "alternative facts" so hard to counter? American cultural historian Michael Butter explains that conspiracies also reflect deeper societal insecurities. [ + ]

Is 'Anna' Luc Besson's saving grace?
Luc Besson, once considered the most powerful man in French cinema, has been grappling with financial troubles. He is back with an action thriller about a female KGB agent. [ + ]

More than cancan: Jacques Offenbach's 200th anniversary
Admired yet underestimated: that was the fate of German-French operetta composer Jacques Offenbach, who was born 200 years ago. Here's a look back at his work. [ + ]

Nightmarish realism: Fernanda Melchor on the haunting voices of 'Hurricane Season'
Fernanda Melchor and German translator Angelica Ammar have won the International Literature Award for "Hurricane Season." DW had a chat with the Mexican writer, whose novel depicts life in an extremely harsh society. [ + ]

Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado wins German book trade Peace Prize
The prestigious Peace Prize of the German Book Trade has been awarded to 75-year-old Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado for raising awareness about environmental destruction and the climate crisis. [ + ]

Russian YouTuber explores the horrors of Stalin's gulags
A strong majority of Russians approve of Stalin's rule, and young adults have never heard of his Great Terror campaign. Now YouTube star Yury Dud's film about the legacy of Stalinist repressions is shaking the country. [ + ]

German philosopher J
Reading Matter? 100 German Must-Reads!
DW's list of German-language novels published since 1900 that have been translated into English is the first of its kind. [ + ]

Exhibition 'This Place' shows Israel and the West Bank from a new perspective
The images we know of Israel and the West Bank very often portray conflict. An exhibition at the Jewish Museum Berlin features works of photographers who explored the area with an artistic approach. [ + ]

Bonn's Schumannfest: Pianist Danae D
Berlin's Club der Vision
Rediscover East Germany's top fashion magazine, 'Sibylle'
An exhibition in Berlin showcases "Sibylle," an East German fashion and culture magazine that for decades offered women in the communist state more than dress patterns. [ + ]

What does Berlin have that NYC doesn't?
The legendary image of Berlin as a free-spirited domain where underground culture thrives has attracted a great number of expats. But some New Yorkers are coming to the city to find another type of freedom. [ + ]

Tips for apartment hunting and moving in Germany
Roughly 8 million Germans move house every year. So what's it like? DW's Cristina Burack shares some quirks of finding a new place to live in Germany, and learns that Germans are not afraid to be hands-on in the process. [ + ]

Opening of Berlin's ambitious Humboldt Forum museum project delayed
Housed in Berlin's reconstructed Prussian palace, the Humboldt Forum was planning to open exhibitions this year to mark the 250th birthday of Alexander von Humboldt. But like Berlin's new airport, everything is on hold. [ + ]
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