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Colonial art restitution: 'The desire is not to wipe museums clean'
Art historian Benedicte Savoy and economics researcher Felwine Sarr spoke to DW about the return of looted objects from France, as museums around Europe grapple with the question of what to do with colonial artifacts. [ + ]

Controversial 'Dau' art project opens in Paris after Berlin snub
Featuring works from what has been dubbed "the most insane film shoot of all time," the ambitious and mysterious "Dau" project by director Ilya Khrzhanovsky will finally launch in Paris after a Berlin rebuff. [ + ]

From head to toe — quirky German idioms based on body parts
Idioms based on body parts are popular in both English and German, but they aren't identical. In Germany, stones drop from hearts and some people live on big feet. [ + ]

2019 Oscar nominations: 'A Star Is Born' and 'Roma' to vie for best film
The Oscar nominations were announced today in Hollywood, with blockbusters like "A Star of Born" and "Black Panther" up for a swag of major awards. But "Roma" and "The Favourite" topped the nominations with 10 each. [ + ]

Artist Gerhard Richter feels 'abused' by Germany's Oscar entry
Up for two Oscars, the film Never Look Away is officially about an artist of another name, but the German painter feels it's still too close to his life story and that it "grossly distorts" it, he told The New Yorker. [ + ]

Euthanasia and art history: German entry 'Never Look Away' nominated for 2 Oscars
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's latest work, Never Look Away, has been nominated for best foreign film and best cinematography Oscars. Here's more on the film that's also a tribute to German artist Gerhard Richter. [ + ]

Reading Matter? 100 German Must-Reads!
DW's list of German-language novels published since 1900 that have been translated into English is the first of its kind. [ + ]

High Five: The mysteries behind famous lost treasures
Perhaps they never even existed. Yet the hunt for these five legendary treasures will never end — at least not until they are found. [ + ]

Life in megacities: Michael Wolf's photography
Dense and compressed: Life in Hong Kong or Tokyo is challenging for its inhabitants. German photographer Michael Wolf has explored their reality through his award-winning works, now on show in Hamburg. [ + ]

From Trump to Travolta: Razzie nominees announced for the worst in film in 2018
While filmmakers dream of winning awards at the Oscars or at the Cannes or Venice film festivals, there's one ceremony they'd prefer to avoid: the Golden Raspberry Awards, celebrating the worst in film. [ + ]

Total lunar eclipse: Super blood wolf moon wows stargazers
Sky watchers have been making the most of a chance to see a total lunar eclipse with a difference. The phenomenon could be seen in North and South America, and across the Atlantic in western and northern Europe. [ + ]

Cindy Sherman: The original selfie queen
Using herself as model, American photographer Cindy Sherman critiques our contemporary views of identity and the role of women in society. A look at the work of the 2019 Max Beckmann Prize winner as she turns 65. [ + ]

Marie Juchacz: A life for justice and equality
She was a divorced single parent, politically active and a tireless advocate for women, children and workers. In January 1919, German women could vote for the first time — and they sent Marie Juchacz to parliament. [ + ]

'Blame Game': Politics, mercenaries and conspiracies
At the world premiere of his new political thriller "Blame Game," DW spoke with director Philipp Leinemann about mercenaries, foreign intervention and secret CIA operations in Germany. [ + ]

Hollywood vs. Trump: Politics, scandals and American cinema
It's no surprise Hollywood and the current Trump administration don't see eye to eye. True to form, three recent films, each depicting different political eras, directly — and indirectly — criticize the president. [ + ]

Uncovering forgotten female artists: French archive aims to rewrite art history
Female artists are still often overshadowed by their male colleagues, with many unknown or forgotten to history. But a French nonprofit wants to change that with a new archive to "bring visibility to women artists." [ + ]

Germany launches its Bauhaus centenary
Throughout 2019, hundreds of events will celebrate the legacy of the Bauhaus school of design. German President Steinmeier kicked off the centennial by honoring the great minds driving the major cultural movement. [ + ]

Ingenious minds: The Bauhaus artists whose designs became icons
They were the children of their time. But what did the Bauhaus artists surrounding founder Walter Gropius want? And what has remained of their ideas? As the official Bauhaus anniversary kicks off, here's an overview. [ + ]

Novel based on Jew 'catcher' Stella K
#ToxicTwitter: Do we need a new culture of debate?
Hate speech, abuse, belittlement: DW contributor Courtney Tenz looks at how #ToxicTwitter is shifting our culture of debate — and wonders why, if we can't say something nice, we are saying anything at all. [ + ] B.V. is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Ready for some statistics? Our 1,534,024 properties, including 860,482 holiday rentals, are located in 123,105 destinations in 229 countries and territories, and are supported internationally by 198 offices in 70 countries.
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