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 A Short History of Transatlantic SlaveryA Short History of Transatlantic Slavery, 30  2016 .

From 1501, when the first slaves arrived in Hispaniola, until the nineteenth century, some twelve million people were abducted from west Africa and shipped across thousands of miles of ocean the infamous Middle Passage to work in the colonies of the New World. Perhaps two million...
: 1 752 .
 3D Warhol. Andy Warhol and Sculpture3D Warhol. Andy Warhol and Sculpture, 2017 .
Thomas Morgan Evans

Rain machines; alarmed kosher pickle jars filled with gemstones; replica cornflakes boxes; "disco decor"; time capsules; art bombs; birthday presents; perfume bottles and floating silver pillows that are clouds; paintings that are also films; museum interventions; collected and...
: 1 492 .
    (  ) ( ), 8  2011 .
Salibi Kamal S.

Seeks to uncover the historical figure of Jesus, and explore what it was about his teaching that created a dedicated following that propagated a religion in his name. This book suggests that there may have been a conspiracy between Paul and Peter to disseminate a distorted image of Christ.
: 411 .
 Behind the Scenes at the Ballets RussesBehind the Scenes at the Ballets Russes, 8  2017 .
Meylac Michael

The Ballets Russes was perhaps the most iconic, yet at the same time mysterious, ballet company of the twentieth century. Inspired by the unique vision of their founder Sergei Diaghilev, the company gained a large international following. In the mid-twentieth century - during the...
: 2 771 .
 Stalin\'s Spy: Richard Sorge and the Tokyo Espionage RingStalin\'s Spy: Richard Sorge and the Tokyo Espionage Ring, 2007 .
Whymant Robert

This is the true story of a remarkable man who pulled off a seemingly impossible espionage mission in Tokyo, before and during World War II. Richard Sorge, born to a Russian mother and a German father, ran a network of Japanese and Europeans under the noses of Japan\'s dreaded secret...
: 2 569 .

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