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The Impact of US-China Tariffs on eCommerce Sellers

We recently had the pleasure to host Andy Tryba, CEO and Founder of Crossover, one of the largest online talent marketplaces that connects companies to the best talent from around the world and provides an end-to-end solution for managing remote teams.

During his visit, Tryba shared his view on the way many companies search for candidates nowadays – specifically mentioning that today’s hiring process must be more automated and in addition, that the best talent “isn’t always in your zip code”.

Founded in 2014, Crossover has expanded to over 130 countries and was established on the belief that the best talent is distributed worldwide – yet many are missing the opportunity. The company tests applicants in an extensive manner in order to provide opportunities for elite talent to rise to the top. As Tryba mentioned during his visit, Crossover strives to offer high-paying jobs to the best talent in the world and their mission is to transform the global workforce in a profound and positive way.

When Tryba started Crossover, he jumped on the “everything goes to the cloud” bandwagon and still believes that all high-skilled jobs go to the cloud computing industry. Most of these jobs are constantly interacting with cloud software and as a result, the location becomes less and less important.

He also emphasizes the fact that Crossover is not a freelance marketplace, but a talent marketplace and that the difference is that they’ve positioned their business model to have customers seeking employees for long-term careers and committing to a full-time job of around 40 hours a week. For companies looking for small or short-term projects, they would be better served by seeking traditional freelancers.

Payoneer has powered Crossover’s payments for the past five years during which we’ve witnessed their rapid growth. We highly enjoyed having Andy Tryba visit our office and look forward to the next meetup with a customer or client!

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Fri, 28 Jun 2019 11:57:21 +0000
Connecting Companies to Top Global Talent: Crossover’s CEO Andy Tryba Visits the Payoneer Team

The $3 trillion eCommerce industry presents an infinite number of possibilities for sellers interested in taking their business global. That was the main lesson from the 2019 Payoneer London Forum, a day-long event featuring the biggest names in eCommerce and fintech discussing some of the most important global trends impacting the seller community.


Daniel Mayhew, Payoneer UK Country Manager

Following opening remarks from Payoneer VP of Marketing Jonny Steel, Payoneer’s UK Country Manager, Daniel Mayhew, discussed global eCommerce’s transformation over the years and how Payoneer is ideally positioned to assist sellers as they take their businesses cross-border. Specific points included:

Then, speakers from Amazon, cDiscount, Mercado Libre, Avalara, Catch, Newegg, Rakuten and We Are Pentagon covered a number of important topics, such as the best ways to approach US sales tax, expand into Latin America and navigate the French eCommerce market. Here, we’ll present five key takeaways from the forum, including actionable insights that can be used as you expand your business and go global.

1.      Selling in the US? Learn Where You Need to Pay Tax

jake estes_avalara

Jake Estes, Solutions Engineer EMEA at Avalara

With more than $500 billion in physical eCommerce sales in 2018, breaking into the US market should be at the top of any seller’s to-do list when taking their business cross-border. Dealing with sales tax in the different states in which you’re operating, however, can be a complicated process.

In his talk about navigating US sales tax, Jake Estes, Solutions Engineer EMEA at Avalara, discussed the different parts of the tax code that sellers need to be aware of when they establish a presence in a given state. This can quickly become very tricky, as different states have different rules as to what constitutes an actual presence. For example:

Other things to consider include distance selling thresholds, an ever-changing set of new state laws and regulations, consumer use tax and different retail sales taxes in different states for different product types. While this all sounds very complex, it should not discourage you from taking your business to the US. Companies like Avalara are available to help you navigate state and federal tax laws. If done properly, the benefits of selling in the US will likely far outweigh the headache of dealing with paying taxes there.

2.      Latin America: A Growing eCommerce Giant

Jose Luis Hervás Fernández_Mercado Libre

Jose Luis Hervás Fernández, Head of Cross-Border Trade at Mercado Libre

eCommerce in Latin America has a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19%, a huge number that should be a wakeup call for sellers when planning your global expansion. That was the overall message given by Jose Luis Hervás Fernández, Head of Cross Border Trade at Mercado Libre, Latin America’s most popular eCommerce platform.

By describing the changing fundamentals in Latin America, including a significant social media presence as well as mobile device penetration, and a vastly improved shipping and delivery network, Fernández illustrated why the time is right to start selling in the region. Latin American populations in such countries as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil are largely underserved when it comes to eCommerce, giving cross-border sellers an excellent opportunity to tap into still maturing markets.

3.      Now’s the Time to Take Your Business to Australia

kyle daniel_amazon

Kyle Daniel, Partner Associate at Amazon

A lot has happened in the world of Australian eCommerce in recent years. Gone are the days when it would take several weeks to receive a package shipped from the United States and there was little market penetration in the more remote areas of the country.

So, what’s changed? To put it simply, Amazon AU changed everything. Amazon’s expansion into Australia, which included the opening of several domestic fulfillment centers and an advanced delivery network has led to a major spike in eCommerce and has presented cross-border sellers with an excellent expansion opportunity.

In his presentation, Kyle Daniel, Partner Associate at Amazon, detailed some of the key considerations for anyone interested in taking their business to Australia, including Amazon AU’s fee structure, the benefits of using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and getting your merchandise listed as a Prime product.

The good news for sellers already operating in Europe and North America is that because there are so many cultural similarities among the different populations, your existing listings and products can very easily transfer over to the Australian market.

Want to learn more about selling on Amazon AU? Have a look at our comprehensive guide.

4.      If You Want to Succeed in Europe, You Must Sell in France

flavien dore_cdiscount

Flavien Dore, Head of B2B Services at Cdiscount

Are you a seller interested in breaking into the European market? According to Flavien Dore, Head of B2B Services at Cdiscount, there is only one place to start: France. With more than 40 million online shoppers, a whopping 85% of all internet users in the country, the French eCommerce market is rapidly maturing and reaching rural areas that were once largely underserved.

A large part of this expansion was due to Cdiscount and its creative solutions when it came time to target new demographics and geographic areas, including:

For sellers interested in expanding to France, innovative platforms like Cdiscount provide you with a chance to reach beyond your typical customer base and tap into new populations.

5.      If You Want to Go Global, Start Local

barney willis_we are pentagon

Barney Willis, Managing Director of Managed Partners at We Are Pentagon

If you want to go global, start by dominating your local market. For Barney Willis, Managing Director of Managed Partners at We Are Pentagon, this is the first thing every seller should do before expanding cross-border. While this might seem odd at first (why would you focus on your domestic market when trying to reach foreign customers?), according to Willis, it’s critical for several reasons:

Other tips for cross-border sellers after they expand include building up a logistics infrastructure, maintaining customer transparency and having a clear-cut returns policy that focuses on customer experience. Lastly, Willis highlighted the need to adapt to foreign markets using accurate product translations, offering local customer support and staying attuned to accepted cultural norms.

Looking to the Future of Global eCommerce

For our last panel of the day, Paul Laidler, Head of Merchant Acquisition at Catch, Gareth Lloyd-Jones, Head of Europe Operations at Newegg and Romain Roy, Head of B2B Sales at Rakuten offered their input as to what the future holds for global eCommerce and how sellers need to adapt. Specific tips included:

As one of the leading cross-border payment platforms, Payoneer is here to assist as you take your business global. Our many services, including local currency accounts, VAT payment solution and Capital Advance, simplify your expansion by ensuring the payments component of your business is handled properly.




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The A-Z For Sellers Going Global: Five Takeaways from Our London Forum

Did you know that Pakistan, a booming startup ecosystem, holds one of the largest numbers of freelancers and entrepreneurs in the world? With that, the number of coworking spaces in Pakistan is on the rise.

When initiated for the first time, small businesses and freelancers typically don’t have the bandwidth for an office space for their operations. Pakistan has decided to better support the increasing growth of entrepreneurs and freelancers by opening several coworking spaces all over the country.

Kickstart, one of the most sought-after coworking spaces in Pakistan, provides a community-driven environment for entrepreneurs, growing startups, progressive small businesses and freelancers. Small businesses and freelancers can start working right away without the hassle of setting up their own office or finding a coffee shop to work from.

Payoneer and Kickstart have recently partnered together to offer freelancers and businesses special discounts as many of their members who reside in Pakistan receive international payments.

Recently, Payoneer and Kickstart hosted an engaging meetup about how Payoneer simplifies global payments for businesses. Attendees got the chance to learn about the various payment plans and offers we provide companies and freelancers in Pakistan.

Payoneer’s partnership with Kickstart includes the following deals:

*Applicable to Payoneer customers only.

Today, startup communities are quickly cropping up all around Pakistan and although the concept of sharing office space is not so new, we expect it to continue to gain greater popularity.

Fill out the form below to reserve your spot with Kickstart today!


The post Payoneer and Kickstart Offer Freelancers and Businesses a More Valuable Way to Work appeared first on The Payoneer Blog.

Tue, 25 Jun 2019 07:05:29 +0000
Payoneer and Kickstart Offer Freelancers and Businesses a More Valuable Way to Work

Are you currently selling on global marketplaces and looking to expand? Join us as we host yet another fantastic Payoneer forum. Your Launchpad for Global Success will be coming to cities across India from July 25th – Aug 1st! Let’s meet in New Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad or Mumbai!

The complementary forum invites eSellers looking to collaborate with new marketplaces and 3P service providers such as logistics partners, account management and more, as well as those who manage multiple stores and want to sell their products beyond India.

You’ll have the chance to listen to speakers from top companies like Google Express, Shopify, Amazon, DHL and more, as well as network with Payoneer’s global partner companies.

No matter which day you decide to attend, you’ll be able to learn more on:

Whether you sell domestically or internationally, this is the event for you, so grab your tickets and make sure not to miss out!

Places are filling up fast so save your seat now! See you there!


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Tue, 18 Jun 2019 06:22:46 +0000
Your Launchpad for Global Success: Join us at the Payoneer Forum in India!

Good news for Amazon and eBay sellers — your fees are being reduced!

Amazon referral fee changes

As of June 5, 2019, Amazon began reducing referral fees for specific categories of merchandise. Here’s how it works: Referral fees are paid by sellers on each item sold. This fee is computed on the total sales price, which includes taxes calculated through Amazon’s VAT calculation services. The total sales price is the total sum paid by the buyer, including the item price, delivery, and/or gift-wrapping charges.

Amazon referral fee schedule

CategoryOld Referral FeeNew Referral FeePer-item Minimum Referral Fee (in Euros)
Additive Manufacturing12%12%0.30
Amazon Device Accessories45%45%0.30
Baby Products (excluding Baby Clothing)15%

·         8% for products with total sales price up to €10

·         15% for products with total sales price over €10


·         8% for products with total sales price up to €10

·         15% for products with total sales price over €10

Beer, Wine & Spirits10%10%N/A
Books, Music, VHS, DVD15%*15%*N/A
Business, Industrial & Scientific Supplies15%15%0.30
Car & Motorbike15%15%0.30
Computer Accessories12%12%0.30
Consumer Electronics7%7%0.30
DIY & Tools12%12%0.30
Educational Supplies15%15%0.30
Electronic Accessories12%12%0.30
Flow Control & Filtration12%12%0.30
Fluid Transfer12%12%0.30
Food Service15%15%0.30
Furniture & Décor15%

·         15% for the portion of total sales price up to €200

·         10% for anything over €200

·         Excludes mattresses, which are 15% on the total sales price

Grocery & Gourmet15%

·         8% for products with total sales price up to €10

·         15% for products with total sales price over €10

Health & Personal Care15%

·         8% for products with total sales price up to €10

·         15% for products with total sales price over €10

Industrial Electrical Supplies12%12%0.30
Industrial Tools & Instruments12%12%0.30

·         20% for the portion of total sales price up to €250

·         5% for any portion of sales price over €250

Large Appliances (excluding Microwaves and Range Hoods)7%7%0.30
Material Handling12%12%0.30
Musical Instruments & DJ12%12%0.30
Renewable Energy Supplies12%12%0.30
Sports & Outdoors15%15%0.30
Video Games & Accessories15%*15%*N/A
Video Games-Consoles8%*8%*N/A

·         15% for portion of total sales price up to €250

·         5% for any portion of total sales price over €250

Everything else15%15%0.30

*Beginning August 1, 2017, referral fees for media products were calculated on total sales price of a product, instead of the item price.

**For sellers on Amazon Handmade, the reduction of the referral fee from 15% to 12% applies through December 31, 2019.

eBay fee changes

eBay will be making changes to Final Value Fees and caps in the Home, Furniture & DIY, and Jewelry and Watches categories for business sellers as of July 11, 2019. The Final Value Fees will be reduced in the Home, Furniture and DIY categories. The fee cap for shop subscribers in Jewelry and Watches will be extended.

Changes in eBay Final Value Fees

CategoryCurrent Final Value Fee RateNew Final Value Fee Rate
Home, Furniture & DIY10%

·         10% for portion of total sales price (including postage) up to £250

·         6% for any portion of total sales price over £250

Home, Furniture & DIY



9% Final Value Fee (max. £40 for eBay Shop subscribers)

·         9% for portion of total sales price (including postage) up to £250

·         6% for any portion of total sales price over £250

·         Final Value Fee will stay capped at £40 for eBay Shop subscribers

Home, Furniture & DIY

Electrical Socket Adapters & Converters

Power Strips & Surge Protectors


·         8% for portion of total sales price (including postage) up to £250

·         6% for any portion of total sales price over £250

Home. Furniture & DIY


DIY Tools

Smart Speakers

5% Final value (max. £20 for Shop subscribers)


No charge for these categories
Jewelry & Watches11%11% Final Value Fee (with a cap of £50 for eBay Shop subscribers

Jewelry & Watches


10% Final Value Fee (max. £50 for Shop subscribers)No charge for this subcategory

eBay is also offering a discount on Final Value Fees for certain listings in their Health & Beauty category from July 11-September 30, 2019 for business sellers.

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Mon, 17 Jun 2019 07:25:48 +0000
Amazon and eBay Reduce Fees in Europe and UK

The Payoneer Forum, Crossing Borders: The A-Z for eSellers Going Global is THIS Thursday, June 20th at the QEII Centre in London! If you’re looking to diversify your business by expanding to new regions, marketplaces, and partners, this is THE event for you.

This complementary forum invites local eSellers, experts, and businesses to hear from Payoneer’s global partner companies, who will provide you with the strategy and tips to expand your business internationally.

Our expert speakers and panelists include:

We only have a limited number of places left! Reserve yours by clicking below. See you on Thursday!


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Wed, 05 Jun 2019 13:55:10 +0000
Join Us at The Payoneer London Forum This Thursday, June 20th!

Last week, Payoneer held a successful forum in Lviv, Ukraine! Over 250 company owners and freelancers came together to discuss the outsourcing industry in Ukraine and around the world. In addition, attendees learned how to maximize their profit and grow their business globally.

Leading industry speakers included Nadia Lushchak, CEO at Qubstudio who gave a speech about how to reach your customer’s heart, Anton Skyrypnik, CEO at KindGeek Software held a discussion on mistakes when building a company, and more.

Anton Skrypnyk’s Session: 404 Mistakes You Might Make When Building a Company

As the founder of a startup himself, Anton Skrypnyk offered his ‘startup lessons’ for building a company. He expressed that building a company is not just about building a business, but more about the actual product, the mission, values and vision. Anton shared the secret sauce to starting a successful business such as defining your ultimate goals and added value for your customers, and finding partners with the same goals and values. Lastly, test, test and test! Even if your product isn’t ready yet, go ahead and start selling your idea.

Pavlo Obod’s Session: The Art of Decision Making in an Outsourcing Business

Pavlo Obod, CEO at Sloboda Studio, a web development company and Payoneer Brand Ambassador, shared several techniques on decision making based on the international bestseller Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman and Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths. Both novels that Pavlo touched on explore the systems that drive the way humans think and how computer algorithms can be applied to our everyday lives.

Nadia Lushchak’s Session: Trusting the Most Important Thing: How to Reach Out to the Customer’s Heart

Nadia Lushchak, CEO at Qubstudio, a design and branding agency working with small-medium sized tech startups, shared a few stories about working with international clients and her experience of dealing with cultural risks and differences. She shared that you need to be cautious with customer expectations in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Nadia also talked about their pricing model and stated that their designs are “not just art” but also a marketing tool that helps to sell.

Despite the bad weather, the event was a great turnout! Thank you to all those that attended, business owners and freelancers for sharing all of your lessons and tips, and for offering guidance on how to develop an international business. Until next time!


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Thu, 30 May 2019 06:06:12 +0000
The Payoneer Forum Lviv, Ukraine: Event Recap

We’re excited to announce that Payoneer will be a sponsor at the Running Remote Conference 2019 in Bali, Indonesia on June 29-30th!

If you’re a CEO managing a remote team, then this is the conference for you!

Set amongst the shores of the Indian Ocean, Running Remote in Bali is the world’s largest event designed for entrepreneurs who build and manage remote teams. The conference offers a variety of strategies and tactics that you can utilize to help grow your remote team.

Get inspired and listen to top industry leaders and innovators from companies like Shopify, Doist, Dribble and more, and get advice on how to scale your remote business. Speakers include Andrew Warner, Founder and CEO of Mixergy, Nataniel Orea, Co-founder and CEO of Coworking Nest and more. Topics will cover company culture, hiring practices, what it takes to get funding, financial management and more.

This year’s conference will feature:

The remote work trend is growing quickly, and it’s never been a better time to learn how to build and boost your business.

Meet and network with top experts, scale your team and, of course, explore Bali!

Are you a Payoneer customer? Get 20% off with our promo code: PAYONEER

To register, click below.


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Wed, 29 May 2019 13:52:56 +0000
Build & Scale Your Remote Team: Join us at Running Remote 2019 in Bali!

Following the success of our forums in Chiang Mai in 2017 and Bangkok in 2018, Payoneer is returning to Northern Thailand on June 14th!

Join us in Chiang Mai at the WinTree City Resort and learn how you can grow your global eCommerce business. You’ll get the opportunity to network with successful entrepreneurs and learn how to make the most out of your international payments with Payoneer. We’re bringing digital nomads and other entrepreneurs together to discover how to run an online business from wherever you are.

We, at Payoneer, don’t settle for second best and always aim to bring you the very best speakers with the most helpful and actionable content. This year, we’re proud to have Matt Diggity, CEO of Diggity Marketing as our featured speaker who will cover ‘Search Engine Optimization in 2019 and Beyond’, a presentation you won’t want to miss.

The forum will also feature:

In addition, sessions in both English and Thai will be available. So whether you’re a local or planning a visit, be sure to save the date, as we’re planning an entertaining, informative and valuable day—one that can set you on the road to success.

Tickets are going fast so don’t risk missing out and secure your FREE ticket today!


See you there!

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The Payoneer Forum Returns to Chiang Mai on June 14th!

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