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This is real and it's alive

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Prototype Back in China

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Long over due

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Rove: Where we've been and where we're going

We really can't thank you all enough for many of those inspiring qualities that you  continue to show surrounding the support of this campaign, the loyalty and commitment you have given Rove Goods and the patience in rolling with this project!

One of our biggest challenges has been to work out the production timelines since we have continued to receive backing, pledges and presales (more on this later) from the momentum built and traction gained following our successful campaign. The number of orders has now far exceeded our initial expectations and the entire production run will be initiated to fulfill orders from our early adopters (thats you fine people) and accommodate for an official E-commerce launch and Retail rollout. 

Over the past week, we’ve received many updates from our manufacturing partners regarding any changes to the production schedule. Our original estimate was that production would be complete by the end of March. However, based on the production schedule for our product feature changes (Up next in this update), our new expected production completion date is in May which means the Rove Roller 01 is expected to start shipping in May or June depending on your location. We were very hopeful and optimistic but our original estimates were affected by the success of Rove's introduction and evolution.

The Evolution of Rove Roller 01:

We have some very exciting improvements to the design of the Rove Roller 01 and wanted to share these with you! The perfectionist that is our 'Head of Product', has been working away to make the roller even better than we could ever have imagined. We decided to put some more time and money into prototyping to find the right balance of weight and strength for the best product possible, while we still had the option to do so prior to committing to the initial manufacturing run. 

So what's changed?

In the words of Alex himself, "We made adjustments to hinge features and wall thicknesses to achieve something that is light as possible while still being rigid and tough (a trifecta not easily achieved)!"

What does this mean for shipping timeline?

We made the conscious decision to delay the manufacturing process after we had some insights on how to make it stronger and lighter. This has been a key feature to the product and have been prototyping continuously so that we can deliver the very best product to you. Pre production was the best time to make these changes and so a delay has been experienced. This coupled with our first Chinese New Year in Manufacturing lessons, has brought about the frustrating delay in producing our final prototype and therefore delivering the Rove Roller 01 to you. (New to the Kickstarter community? See the *note on crowdfunding below).

We've received our first Packaging Prototype and we are pretty happy with its presentation! We'll be developing the messaging and improving some areas, but initial design features are as follows:

  • Easily recycled 'E or F Flute' (think quality feel and presentation) Craft Card Board
  • Ships Directly to you in its Box, thus reducing environmental impact, shipping costs and need for extra materials
  • High Quality Ink to reflect the clean and simple branding/design 
  • It's FLAT!!! 

Take a peek.......

Who would have thought that a 'Foam Roller' could be delivered in a package this flat!?!?!?
Who would have thought that a 'Foam Roller' could be delivered in a package this flat!?!?!?
We can't wait for you to open this!
We can't wait for you to open this!

We just wanted to follow up on something that we mentioned that is a 'good headache to have' that has also contributed to some delays in manufacturing. Cost of production, terms of engagement and speed/efficiency of manufacturing and logistics can all be positively affected when you increase the initial production volume. Therefore, some exciting advances in rolling out our retail strategy due to the amazing traction gained throughout the Fitness, Wellness and Specialist Sports communities/platforms have meant that our initial 'purchasing power' is being improved all the time... As soon as we have the final improved prototypes with all recent innovations we'll be able to make a calculated initial run volume to set us up for success when it comes to fulfillment, product management and new sales fulfillment without delays, storage and/or logistic errors. This will help us establish a stronghold and relevancy in the health and wellness market.

It appears that we still have a number of surveys outstanding and a few inquiries about how and when the surveys will be sent out and/or received. The surveys were sent out once you wonderful people helped fund the project, requesting simple details such as shipping address and then any information specific to the tier level that you pledged at. We also included the ability to change and update your shipping address should you need, prior to us shipping the Rove Roller 01.

The Kickstarter Creators platform unfortunately does not allow us to resend or add to or even edit the surveys. This means that once they were sent and a series of reminder emails were sent out to the email address that is associated to your Kickstarter account, we no longer have the ability to send them. However, you should still be able to retrieve them from your user account. We have pulled this directly from the Kickstarter FAQ's section on Surveys:

If you don't think you received the survey try rolling with this!
If you don't think you received the survey try rolling with this!

 *Note on Crowdfunding

(This was shared by our fellow creators who are producing the amazing Arctic, and we thought it too poignant and relevant not to include in this important Rove update. Thanks Team Inspired Lifestyle!)

We just wanted to take this opportunity to explain the nature of crowdfunding to some backers that are new to the community. Backing a Kickstarter project is not the same as a conventional e-commerce purchase, but rather a pledge to support a team that’s creating a product that we all believe in. We can’t do this without you believing in us and supporting us through the challenges. We really appreciate the trust you have placed in us and we promise to deliver the best product, no matter what type of challenges our team is faced with. 

Rolling with it!

We've recently received a number of inquiries surrounding the Backer Surveys. By now most of you have filled in the requested surveys and you are successfully in our data management system and set up ready for fulfillment. Surveys were sent out approximately 10 days after the campaign was successfully funded (again, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your support), as well as a series of follow up reminders to your email inboxes. There is a possibility that all invites went to spam and/or junk, so if you haven't received/completed your survey, please check those folders! 

Another way to access the survey is to log out of your account and log back in. This should give you a big orange banner on your landing page to prompt you to fill in an outstanding survey. Simply click on the banner and follow the prompts! 

A Screen Grab to show you what you should find!
A Screen Grab to show you what you should find!


We have just experienced our first Chinese New Year in product development and manufacturing, and we wanted to share with you our learnings:

  • The official holiday is 1 week in duration, but communications, production and raw material supplies are running at a minimum for approx 4 weeks! We have also now witnessed first hand that it is well earned rest and family time for the factory workers who will often 'accumulate' all other holidays to celebrate this most important festival with their loved ones. 
  • The time-frames in terms of how things move before the holiday depend on factors like the size of the clients and factories, complexity of the production process, raw materials/components needed and the professionalism of the parties involved.... This actually works in our favor as we have been able to concentrate on the logistics and tailor it to our needs!  
  • Communication is slow during this festive period
  • Pre-planning and communication is needed 3 months ahead of time (at least). 2018 we're ready for you!


Now we've hurried up and waited, we will be far more active with our communication via the Kickstarter Updates portal. As momentum is picking up again and all our planning and energy is now starting to kick in, we'll be posting with all relevant activity and news. For now here is a teaser of what to expect soon!

  • Packaging Design
  • Factory / Manufacturing process 
  • T-shirts
  • Partnerships (This one is Really Exciting)
  • Content / Education Platform
  • Web Development / Sales Channels
  • Activations
  • Social


Backer Surveys and Upcoming Updates

YOU are an important part of The Rove Roller 01 story! You should be proud… :)

We have had quite the campaign and such a positive experience, all thanks to your support, and the good news is.... that this is just the beginning! Rove has some exciting plans for the future (more to come so follow along) but for now, we are working around the clock to make sure these rewards arrive to the highest quality and delivered on time.

So What Happens Next?

We’ll continue to provide periodic updates to share our journey as we build your Rove Roller 01. We will also be in correspondence with you to confirm your rewards and shipping information. Below is some important information to those who are new to Kickstarter and also to those who need a reminder:

Within the next two weeks you will be contacted in view of gathering all the important information from you by way of a survey. This survey will allow us to gather the following:

• Your shipping address for an efficient delivery

• The surveys will be reward specific and will gather any extra information needed like T-Shirt size or gender style etc.

We hope to make the post Kickstarter process as easy as possible for you, so for now, go and explore your potential, and we will have that survey sent out to you in no time.

Thank you again for being such an fantastic community!


Team Rove  xox

Keep in touch!!
Keep in touch!!

Rove on..... We did it!!!!!! Thank you!

Every backer who has pledged for a Rove Roller 01 will now receive a Special Edition Rove Sleeve for every Rove in their reward tier!

Thank you so so much for your support!

Special Edition Rove Sleeve!!!
Special Edition Rove Sleeve!!!

We have been humbled by the support from many other creators and we wanted to put you on to an amazing campaign by Inspired Lifestyle. We have personally (and individually) backed the Arctic and we thought it would be a campaign that you'd love to get behind too!

 The Arctic brews coffee grounds slowly, extracting a maximum amount of flavor to give a smoother texture and sweeter taste than conventional methods. Stylish, affordable, and easy to use, the Arctic is sure to be an essential for any coffee enthusiast who’d like a sophisticated cold brewing system.

The $60,000 Stretch Goal has been unlocked!

You are FABULOUS! With your belief and support, we reached our funding goal with over 48hrs to go! We are most humbled by the amount of support we received from our New York City natives, professionals throughout the fitness, health & wellness industry and of course all of our backers and supporters from all over the world here on Kickstarter. Our gratitude can hardly be put into words and we are all extremely excited to make the Rove Roller 01 come to life!

Let's not stop here. We want to make the Rove Roller 01 launch as successful as possible and deliver you a product that we know will exceed your expectations. This now offers us the opportunity to add to the launch and make the campaign experience even more rewarding. Thats why at a total funding sum of $60k we'll include a special edition Rove Sleeve to store and carry your Rove Roller 01 while you are on the move! 

Sleek Special Edition Rove Carry Sleeve
Sleek Special Edition Rove Carry Sleeve

In order to make this happen, we'll need the help of each and every one of YOU! Let's really get some traction and get this campaign rolling even further. We want to ask you to share, tweet, post, email, invite and up your own pledge! 

Thank you for Rolling with Us - Campaign funded!!!

We'll be introducing the product to New Yorkers, demonstrating the Rove's unique features, highlighting it's design points and answering any questions that you may have. Meet the team, see a live demo and get some Rove Roller 01 tips!

A little teaser.......

Before we get into the Live Stream we just wanted to share a little winter park rolling from yesterday....

You're a part of the Rove Story now... So, please take a few seconds to spread the Rove love. (Like the Rove Roller 01 they're ready to roll and require very little effort from you!)

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We're putting this product on a Pedestal.

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