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Project idea. Ultralite Inflatable Life Jacket and Swim Tube by Restube [projects660538636]

Update about the Ultralite Life Jacket and Merry Christmas

While certification for the RESTUBE Ultralite pfd are still ongoing the RESTUBE swim tube is already being used for many water activities around the world.

We were Safety Partner of the Deep Water Solo (climbing above water) event in the Port of Antwerp. The "Rocks in Town" climbers trusted in Restube when falling in the water.

Mermaid swimming is becoming very popular - mostly girls and women make their dream of swimming like a mermaid come true. Mermaid Loreley from Japan is relying on her Restube and even showed it off on Japanese TV!

 We keep pushing for more freedom & water safety!

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Christopher and the RESTUBE Team

Restube is for everybody

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Delivery Update

We couldn't have made this without all the support from you. Thank you for spreading the word and making water a safer place!

See you out there

Aloha, Christopher


100% funded - THANK YOU

Dear Backers!

Take a look at what our friends from Water World Swim have to say about the Restube swim tube!

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Who of your friends could need one? Share it!


/for Restube

Feedback - RESTUBE swim tube

Be confident around water! Just checking the nice beach at San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Our first Kickstarter live will be at Santa Claus Tuesday, 6th of December 6pm (PCT).
Watch out, we are happy about any question!

Thanks to all backers, spread the word!
& the RESTUBE team

RESTUBE goes Kickstarter live

Dear backers!

Seems like we got our first viral spread with RESTUBE :-)

Please share our story with your friends!
Christopher & the whole team

RESTUBE goes (a bit) viral :-)

We are very happy to cross the 100 supporters line :-) Thanks to all of our backers!!! You make the smallest life jacket in the word and the most versatile restube swim tube ever possible!

The RESTUBE team sais THANK YOU!
Please keep on sharing our Kickstarter!!!

100 supporters for RESTUBE Ultralite - THANK YOU!!!

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We´ve done everything possible to create our "RESTUBE Ultralite Swim Tube" as robust as possible! Check out the video. Restube is the safety backup for your next adventure that we already use every day out there. We´ll show you within the next days more and more insights how mature engineered Restube is already today.

Please share our Kickstarter project now to make it happen!
It just started.

See you out there!
Christopher & the RESTUBE-Team

How to destroy a Restube? Part 1

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Hey everybody!

We are doing right now more tests for our buoy LED illumination technology. Figure out the best performing LEDs with a maximum of brightness and battery lifetime. There will be different light modes (in one color) and you can switch the LED on and off as you like.

Please spread our campaign to all your people. Let more people know about our "Restube Ultralite" Kickstarter to make this project grow!

Christopher & the RESTUBE Team

Blink Blink! Testing different LEDs for our "Restube Ultralite Swim Buoy"!

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The smallest and most vesatile flotation technology ever - for swimming, boating, angling, and SUP
THE STORY is simple. A couple of years ago I experienced a very critical situation kite surfing. Since then we want water sport to be safer for our friends and us. As students of mechanical engineering we developed the first prototypes of this safety product for any water activities. RESTUBE was born. ENGINEERED IN GERMANY is every single detail of RESTUBE. By our close cooperations with universities, our ambassadors and professional lifesavers we are constant improving the RESTUBE technology according to the needs of the users. RESTUBE ALREADY SAVED LIFES. It moves people to be more active around water, improves the water safety and provides more freedom. No matter if you are going out for fun, with the family, for hard training, for a contest or even for work. IT GIVES YOU A BETTER TIME AROUND WATER. As a loyal companion that you shortly will not even notice. You are wearing your peace of mind. STORIES OF REAL APPLICATIONS OF RESTUBE users communicate us more often are motivating us each day. We move on towards our vision of giving people a better time out there and saving more lifes with our helmet of water sports. WE SEE US OUT THERE! B.V. is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Ready for some statistics? Our 1,534,024 properties, including 860,482 holiday rentals, are located in 123,105 destinations in 229 countries and territories, and are supported internationally by 198 offices in 70 countries.
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