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To Our Beloved Backers

THANK YOU ALL! We could not have done it without YOUR support!

We are excited to announce that we have been featured on this week!


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Our Wall of Backers ~~~ Thank you all so much!

Wow you guys are absolutely amazing! We are halfway there! So much love, thank you all.

-Amir & Hanieh

WOAHHH We're Halfway There!!

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Futur was created by brother and sister, Amir and Hanieh Sigari.
Sexy, safe, and built to last. The worlds first fully RFID blocking Wood wallet now in Carbon Fiber and Aluminum. We were tired of minimalistic wallets that made it impossible to access cards and cash easily. We have obsessed over every single detail. This isn't just another wallet, it's the best wallet crafted for beauty and complete functionality.
***Cash Strap features a hidden pocket so you can store your keys, coins, SD card and more!
***Money clip is perfect for those wish to keep it minimal yet functional
You can choose from either cash strap or money clip for those who wish for some more carrying space, Cash Strap is like no other. With a built-in pocket, now you can carry extra gear without compromising the slick aesthetics of your Futur wallet.

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