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Smartduvet Update

Dear Backers,

We have a lot of news on the Smartduvet. We have tested and tested again the product in pre-production to make sure that it would pass the test of time as well as survive the roughest of usage. We primarily tested the original square openings with the mass production process and mistreated them by inflating them excessively and repeatedly. As the corners of the squares were the first to give, we decided to test different shapes to see which one would work best on the long run. After testing a few shapes, the one that came back with the best results was the round shape. The round openings redistribute the forces equally across the hole resulting in a much more resistant and durable design. 

With these results in hand, we decided to modify the Smartduvet design with 3 inches round openings instead of the original square ones.

We have also looked for higher quality ways to fuse the layers together. After testing most fabric welding and sewing process we decided to go with a process called high frequency welding. This process fuses the fabrics together using high frequency waves and provides an incredibly more consistent and stronger bond. We are thrilled with the new design and we think it could even be aesthetically more pleasing than the initial one.

In terms of electronic, we have received many requests to make Smartduvet compatible with different home automation systems. We always envisioned how cool it would be to be able to say ''Alexa (or Siri), please make the bed!'' when leaving the house. This integration will take time as we need to integrate one system at the time. Instead of further delaying the release of the Smartduvet, these integrations will be done in future firmware updates. We decided to offer both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity using the ESP WROOM 32 chip. 

This will allow you to use the Smartduvet through Bluetooth while we keep on working on a solid cloud based interface for most popular home automation system. If you wish to use your Smartduvet without wifi or internet, this chip will also allow you to do so. The change in the Smartduvet design and electronic have affected the expected delivery dates which we now plan to start by November. Although, we are very eager to deliver all the Smartduvets to our backers, we realized that we needed to take a bit more time to make sure the product would exceed your expectations. It was a difficult decision to make these changes, but we think it will be beneficial on the long term for our backers and the product. 

To help us with the fulfillment of the pledges received, we will be using the services of the renowned fulfillment company BackerKit ( Their platform will help us assemble all the information needed to deliver the products to every backer efficiently and accurately. We will send an email survey though the BackerKIT platform soon to confirm bed sizes and delivery addresses.For those who need an extension hose because they don't have enough place under the bed to put the control box and want to put it next to the bed, we offer the extension for free. You simply need to send us your request by email at Also, feel free to share with us which home automation system you would like your Smartduvet to be compatible with and we will try to make it compatible with the most popular ones first. 

We thank you again for your support and understanding as we continue working hard towards providing you with the best product possible.  

The Smartduvet Team

Smartduvet Update

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Thank you for your support!!

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New feature revealed!

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We made it, thank you so much!!!

We are very excited to be featured on this week! We are really looking forward to the feedback and support from their community of super-backers! Thank you for your support!


We have received a great reaction from the community on our first day, you guys are the best. Thank you!


Thank you all for an amazing Launch!

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