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Presenting the exclusive GINA Brewers Club

we wish you a superb 2018 and we hope that you kick-started 2018 with a great cup of coffee! Speaking of which… let us know your thoughts about GINA in the comments bellow. We would love to hear your thoughts!

On December 15 we started shipping out GINA all over the world and most of you were already brewing your cup of coffee through the holidays. We love seeing your posts inside the GINA app and on social media as well - please use the #hellogina hashtag when sharing your GINA moments, so we can see them and cheer you up ;)

With about 6000 packages being shipped out, we are happy to let you know that 90% of backers already got their GINA. Great success! But not all packages were able to leave our warehouses in one day and some are still on their way. We just wanted to let you know that no backer is in any way forgotten. Please bear with us, we’re almost there!

We are shipping GINA to more than 60 countries worldwide. With each country having its own shipping and tracking system it makes it quite challenging to have a standard tracking process. However, we’re trying our best to help you locate your shipment and get it delivered to you as soon as possible.

Our team is here for you and we regularly monitor all our communication channels: email baa@goat-story,com, Kickstarter, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. No matter how you get in touch with us, someone will get back to you 100% guaranteed. You don’t need to send the same message to several different channels. We hear you and we’re here to assist you.

We’re beyond excited to hear your thoughts about GINA! Let us know what is your favourite brewing method? Let GINA community know which beans you already used in your brews and what are your thoughts about filters that work best for you. And of course, let us know what you like about GINA and what should be improved (the first app update is coming soon). We created GINA for you and with you, so we’re all ears!

GINA is a spectacular smart coffee instrument that will only get better with your help. So keep the feedback rolling in!

Yours truly,

90% of packages delivered!

Dear backers, this is the happiest time of the year for us! We’re so happy and thrilled to let you know that as of December 15th, we are sending out GINA to all our backers every day! YAAAAY!

Yes, it’s been hectic in the last few days in our warehouses with the whole team pitching in and doing the best we can, but we’re almost there; a lot of you are already brewing your first batches with GINA, some are eagerly waiting for it to arrive. We kindly ask for just a little more patience - whether be awaiting your GINA, your tracking number or simply an answer to a question you sent us - because, rest assured, your package will arrive soon!

With GINA rolling into your homes and coffee shops, we also got a lot of valuable feedback and we feel there are a few questions to be answered. We gathered them in a blog post that you’re kindly invited to read. It will answer your most frequently asked questions. And if you have some more, feel free to ask and we’ll answer ASAP!

The blog post explains in detail:
- Unpacking;
- What is the battery life of GINA;
- App troubleshooting;
- How to use the GOAT STORY filters that came with GINA;
- And a little bit about the durability and maintenance of GINA.

We created GINA to make coffee drinking a special experience, every single time, with every single cup. Feel free to share your special experience with us and the specialty coffee community. We’d love to see your first brews, unpackings, or just anything else you’d like to share with the world. Be sure to tag GOAT STORY and use the #HELLOGINA hashtag so we can keep track of your posts.


To get you brewing the best possible cup of coffee, our roaster friends at La Cabra Coffee Roasters are giving all GINA users a special coffee treat, offering a 15% discount on all their specialty coffees.

Use the coupon code GOAT15 at checkout and enjoy great coffee, roasted in Denmark!

Use coupon code GOAT15 for a 15% discount for all La Cabra coffees!
Use coupon code GOAT15 for a 15% discount for all La Cabra coffees!

Yours truly,

HELLO GINA! Plus, a little treat from our friends.

In our last updated we invited you to add additional GOAT STORY items to your shipment with no additional shipping cost and at a special “Kickstarter backers only” price.

We just wanted to remind you, that there's still time to do that, as this offer is valid until tomorrow.

We created a special landing page on our website for you. Please note that you can only access this special offer through the links in this update.

You can add as many additional items to your shipment for no extra shipping cost, we only have one request - please write your Kickstarter order number in the comments section at checkout. That will make it much easier for us to connect your original order to this new one. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Just a quick reminder ...

But before the shipping starts, we kindly ask you to double check your provided shipping address and make sure someone will be available to pick up your package there between December 15th and 31st. You can check and edit your address if you visit our campaign page and click the "VIEW PLEDGE" blue button on the right-hand side of the video. Under the tab "SURVEY" your first answer is your address. Visual presentation.

You can now add additional items to your shipment for no additional shipping cost and at a special “Kickstarter backers only” prices:


We created a special landing page on our website for you. Please note that you can only access this special offer through the links in this update. 

You can add as many additional items to your shipment for no extra shipping cost, we only have one request - please write your Kickstarter order number in the comments section at checkout. That will make it much easier for us to connect your original order to this new one. Thank you.

We want to thank you for your continuous support and for believing in us from the first day and for enabling us to follow our passion for bringing you the unique coffee experience with everything we do. Please know that we're not stopping here and that we continue to develop more amazing products for you guys!

If there's anything you need help with or if you need more information, we're here for you. You can send us a message on Kickstarter or email us at We'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Yours truly,

We have a shipping date!

Even with winter temperatures kicking in, it’s getting hotter and hotter at GOAT STORY! The reason for the temperature rising is GINA, as very soon you’ll be able to brew that hot cup or cold brew.

As you already know, GINA was quite a challenge to produce. But the team behind it worked really hard to bring you the perfect coffee maker that you’ll simply adore.

Two of our colleagues spent three weeks at the manufacturing facility, where all of GINA’s components were gathered and they were overlooking the assembly of every single GINA. They made sure that all of the components meet our (very high) standards and that all these parts were assembled with a very high attention to detail. Then they ran a thorough diagnostics test on every GINA and calibrated its mechanics and electronics to perfection. All that was left to do was packing GINAs very carefully in its protective packaging and off they went …

Bottom line - GINAs are now on their way to our warehouses worldwide and will be shipped from there, to keep delivery times to you and any hassle with possible customs procedures as short as possible. When? Well, an exact date is hard to predict. But rest assured, all Kickstarter backers will have their GINA delivered with the first batch that will be sent out in the beginning of December. You’re looking at a very merry caffeinated Christmas this year!

If considering getting another GINA, we must confess that the first batch is sold out. That is why we temporarily paused the possibility to order one in our shop. But the second batch with limited quantities will be here soon and we'll give you a first chance to access it. Clicking the button below you can join the waiting list and we'll make sure you'll hear when it's back in stock!

We hope you all are just as excited as we are, as we believe that GINA will make coffee drinking a special experience. Every single time, with every single cup.

Yours truly,

p.s. Before you sign off, there’s just one more thing we want to share with you … As you may know, we are, besides being huge fans of coffee, also fans of art. That is why we gathered 12 aspiring artists from around the world and created a super stylish (and useful) piece of art that will fit every coffee lover’s home, office or coffee shop. Meet the COFFEE ART CALENDAR 2018. You can read more about it here (or click on the photo below).

Coffee Art Calendar 2018
Coffee Art Calendar 2018

Almost there ...

Dear Backers, 

October is the it month for all of us. The truth to be told, the entire GINA project turned out to be a lot more work than we originally had imagined, but it is great because all hard work at the end pays off and we finally started with the assembling. GINA really works amazing; scale precision, application and all other details that will help you to make your best cup of coffee every time.

"I would personally like to thank YOU ALL for your patience along this journey and I honestly believe that you will love using GINA. All expenses and the time that we had to invest for every step on this journey surprised us but it was all worth it." Anze Miklavec, creator

We are also happy to announce that the colour of the packaging box was chosen, we’re going with WHITE. We received a lot of notes saying “Please, pack my GINA very carefully” and we assure you, GINA is pretty much bulletproof.

Coffee is our passion and we are always thrilled to be a part of coffee related events where we are surrounded by people and friends sharing the same desire. Next weekend, from the 13th to 15th of October, we will be attending the New York Coffee Festival along with our Danish roaster friends La Cabra. You are very welcome to come see and meet us in person and of course, have a cup of coffee with us ;) 

Yours truly,   


Your GINA is moving through the assembly line

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

Your GOAT Mug is ready to ship

Dear backers, 

Summer is in full swing and so is our team! We’re continuously working on bringing GINA to yourhomes as fast as possible, so no rest over here. But we know that our hard work will pay offonce we ship out the final products!

While GINA is being built, we’re working on getting her packaging ready. As always we madeseveral designs and prototypes, paying special attention to the inside foam filler which willprotect GINA’s fragile parts while she travels her way around the world. We did a few“throw-down- the-stairs” tests and we believe the inside packaging is now 99% bulletproof -If we could hand deliver each package to your door that would make it 100% safe :)

As for the outside looks - we narrowed our design samples down to the final two. Now we’d loveto hear your opinion on the color of your choice. Please see the photos below, we wouldappreciate hearing your thoughts.

Yours truly, 


Help us decide on the packaging color

Dear coffee friends, 

 in yesterday’s LIVE stream we shared some details about GINA's production and announced the new expected delivery date. There is a delay - but that happens, when you want to make a perfect product.

It requires more time than we expected, so the new date is now OCTOBER 2017. WATCH the whole talk with more details HERE.

 … and most importantly: THANK YOU for being the best possible support in creating this STORY. We promise you’ll be impressed with GINA. 

 Yours truly, 


In case you missed our LIVE STREAM

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