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Our biggest campaign!

Hello everyone!

We hope you have an amazing 2018 with many accomplishments and lots of Kickstarter rewards in your mail!

For us, the year begins with a Kickstarter campaign to make Annukuh plushies:


And we also prepared some NEW stickers with this cute little fellow!

 So far we don't have plans for a 2nd Print of Tricksters and it is already sold out. Kickstarter copies are the only ones out there. Since we will keep releasing other board games, The Annukuh will follow another path; in addition to the plush toys, brands can license their use for other projects. If you happen to be interested in licensing for marketing purposes or any sort of project, please don't hesitate to let us know; for backers of Tricksters, we offer a slightly better licensing deal.

We really hope to see you there so we can create the plush version of all 9 of them.


Quick note on Tricksters fulfillment: Finally, Wayland Games have collected the missing Tricksters and already shipped them. The 11 backers with pending rewards shall receive them in the next weeks. Please let us know when you receive your rewards :D

Annukuh plushie campaign!

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Funding Anniversary!

Hello Tricksters!

Next week we will sendmissing packages. We have been in contact with some backers whose package went missing or in charge of Wayland Games to fix the mixed deliveries.

If you haven't told us about your missing package, please contact us now. 

Many things are happening with Aether Tower and it's all thanks to you!

Now we are looking for options to have a 2nd print of Tricksters for retail, suggestions are always welcomed!

Also, we we are preparing something that excites us a lot... (Scroll down)




Its still a prototype (Keep scrolling)




But its close to final design. (Almost there)




Annukuh plush! [Prototype 2.1] (We are confident that prototype 2.2 will be the definite one)
Annukuh plush! [Prototype 2.1] (We are confident that prototype 2.2 will be the definite one)

Last rewards delivering soon

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Loyalty coupon Annukuh promo cards!

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Games, Campaigns, and more games!

Hello dear backers!

We are really pleased to announce that we have shipped all the physical rewards already!
THANK YOU! This campaign has been a roller-coaster of emotions and a HUGE learning experience for future projects. We are very proud of the final product and the community around it!

If you have not received your package, please exhaust the possibilities on your end: look at the front desk for any unannounced package, ask your roommates/family members if they received it, etc. You can reach out to if you need further assistance. 

  • USA/Canada/Mexico: Funagain Games did a splendid job with the fulfillment. They sent tracking numbers to all backers' e-mails. You can look for your tracking information on the UPS website.
  • Europe: We had some issues with the countries outside of America because of an unfortunate mistake with our fulfillment partner in the UK where some orders got mixed. We have to acknowledge Wayland Games all the effort they put into fixing the error and sorting out the mixed deliveries. Most of you already got the proper rewards, there are some backers still waiting for the miniatures, they must be on their way now.
  • Australia: Even though Wayland Games was shipping from within Australia too, one backer had his package retained at customs for some reason. Please look at your package there and send us a mail to let us know about it.
  • Rest of the world: Most certainly, your package may be at the customs offices. Please look at your package there and send us a mail to let us know about it.

Some of you were with us since our unsuccessful Hero campaign. We made a commitment there to keep improving as developers and as Kickstarter creators. With Tricksters we learnt a lot, some of the things we intend to improve are:

In addition to that, we would love to hear your feedback, if you can spare 1-minute, please click on the image below to answer our short survey.

As you know, we didn't send the files to a Board Game Manufacturer to produce the game, we produced the whole game in our country step by step with small printers and different services. Except for the illustrations, all of this project was accomplished by a team of 2 people. Including the visual content in the KS campaign, the community management, legal stuff, shipping logistics, etc. For future projects we want to expand our team to deliver a great product and provide a better experience.

A couple of weeks ago we sent the Digital Art Compendium with notes of the creative process of the Annukuh. The result was great and it will be available as an add-on on future projects involving the Annukuh.

The novella written by Hugo Huesca will be ready pretty soon for all the backers who pledged for the "Superbacker" reward tier. Those backers pledged additional funds to get the game, the novel and to have their credit on a special video which you can see below.

(If you want to jump into the conclusion, skip to 7:40. We apologize for all the miss-pronunciations, foreign language issues.)

As we said on the video, this project was the culmination of hard work. We couldn't have made it without your trust in us. And this was the beginning of several unplanned things. Since then, many things have happened for Aether Tower, the most relevant are:

  • We became Kickstarter advisors for other Mexican creators.
  • We started working as Fulfillment partners in Mexico for international projects.
  • Aether Tower became a publisher for other Mexican designers. 

Right now we are incubating 5 projects, and one of them is coming soon to Kickstarter...

Cooking Rumble is a 2-player mentalism card game where players compete to become Master Chef. Designed by Emilio Estrada, simple enough to play with his 4-year old daughter, yet with a deep gameplay to be able to play with his fiancé.

If you would like to receive more info about it, click on the image below:

Click on the image to see the Facebook event
Click on the image to see the Facebook event

The Kickstarter will launch soon and we want to offer a special reward for all our loyal backers pledging on Cooking Rumble. We will reveal it soon.

We still have work to do for Tricksters: 

  • Update the gameplay video.
  • Upload a Solo-Mode gameplay video.
  • Send the novella.
  • Keep working for those backers still waiting their rewards.

We want to let you know that there are only 1000 copies of Tricksters in the world and we don't have plans to produce the 2nd edition anytime soon. What you received is currently a very limited game with unusual mechanics and with some amazing artwork. 

Thank you again for all your support!


William and Juan
Aether Tower

Fulfillment, Survey and Credit Video


Thanks again for all your support and patience. Fulfillment in UK and the Rest of the World started last week. 

As far as we know, Wayland Games is not using a shipping services providing Tracking codes for the whole world, so if you have any question, please ask Wayland, or write us to and we will gladly help you. In the meantime, please give Wayland Games a couple of days to get the rewards to you.

Please share with us anything about Tricksters; if you received your game, if you have already played, if some add-ons are missing, if you are having trouble understanding certain rule... anything!

Some of the things we intend to accomplish through the next weeks are:

  • Sending digital rewards.
  • Uploading a playthrough video for the Solo Mode.
  • Addressing issues for backers whose package arrived in a bad status.

Thanks again for all your support! We are almost done with this project and it has been an amazing experience. We have learnt a lot and will continue to apply all of it to give you a better experience!

Shipping status - Rest of the World


We are thrilled to hear that some of you are already receiving your rewards!! 

For backers outside USA and Canada, Wayland Games will receive the package in a couple of days and from there, fulfillment will start.

Mexican backers still waiting for their rewards: don't despair, this week your games will be on their way.

Please let us know at about anything that didn't go right so we can make sure that all backers receive their rewards and are satisfied. Your approval is our priority #1.

Keep in touch and have a great week start!

Shipping Update


We have good news for everyone

North America: Funagain Games have finished preparing all the packages with the respective Add-ons. So the packages are on their way to your address, or very soon should be!

Rest of the World: The rewards have begun it's way to our fulfillment partner Wayland Games. They are traveling by air, so they should not take that long. We will notify you when they receive them, meaning that you will be getting your copy of Tricksters soon after that. (:

Thanks a lot for all your support and patience. As you know, this is our first successful Kickstarter and we are still learning and adapting to some things. One of those was to keep our accountability neat and tidy (not an easy task, if you ask us), so we had to wait for some financial services to finish their job. Everything is fine now and we are confident that in future Kickstarters we won't experience this delay on shipping progress.

We sent our minis to paint and they look awesome!

Mountain Annukuh
Mountain Annukuh
Jungle Annukuh
Jungle Annukuh
Water Annukuh
Water Annukuh

Koshka Painting Studio was the responsible for this magic to happen! Like his facebook page if you agree that he has a lot of talent painting miniatures!

Thanks again to La Quebradora Miniatures for casting the molds and the minis and to Axolote Gaming for sculpting the 3D models.

We are very excited for all the projects that are currently developing. We are working with some people to make their project a reality. The one that will be launching sooner is called Cooking Rumble, by Emilio Estrada. Here is a sneak peek of the art on the prototype:

Cooking Rumble is a portable two-player game that is very quick to learn and easy to play!
Cooking Rumble is a portable two-player game that is very quick to learn and easy to play!

Shipping Progress

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Aether Tower, Mexico In January 2015, William Burgos, Juan Ramos and Carlos Thomas started to research how to produce a game, after half a year, they created Hero, a fun cooperative game with transparent cards. On December 2015, William quit to his full-time job to dedicate 100% of his time to Aether Tower.

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