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Update - February

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Happy New Year!

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Update - December

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Update - October

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GearEye Update - August

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Update July 2018

Dear Backers,

Firstly we hope you’re all doing fantastic. We want to thank you all so much for bearing with us as we fast approach the finish line!

We have good news to share with all of you, in terms of the development of the product! We have been running different tests under various conditions, to verify the correct functioning of both the tags and the Dongle, as well as how it works with the mobile app.

Here are some of the things that we’ve been working on that we thought you might want to know about:

  • We have tested the tags inside trucks - checking how the tags work for inventory keeping in different conditions ensuring that there is a proper check in and check out process.
  • We have improved the power consumption by decreasing the scanning duty cycle.
  • We have added a filter to diminish noise in the tag's reading.
  • We have Improved the accuracy of the signal strength indicator (RSSI).

These are all great advancements in manufacturing that we are very happy with and that makes us feel confident that the product will work exactly the way it’s supposed to. We are also very satisfied with the way the device and tags behave when we have run the tests mentioned above.

In regards to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), we are still awaiting our latest QA results to finalize the hardware development, so that we can undergo the tests for the second time, after having implemented all the changes they demanded from us the previous time. Please keep in mind that it’s fundamental that we meet all their requirements before GearEye can go into the market, as they ensure that all technical aspects are covered.

As of right now, that is all of the new information that we have to share with you. We continue to be extremely grateful for your continued support and patience, we will update you again as soon as we have more news from the FCC local authority.


The GearEye Team.

GearEye's Update May

Dear Backers, 

We apologize for not posting another update sooner. We've always been thinking of you, and have been extremely busy with the production. 

Please find below a comprehensive breakdown of everything that there is to report to date: 

The Progress That We’ve Made 

The Dongle is currently working well, and we are happy to say that we’re basically almost there! We have been doing the extensive QA and have passed 75% of the regulations tests required by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). If you are unaware of who the FCC are, what they do and why we need to pass their regulations before the product can hit the market, you can find more information here:

These are some of the tests that the local FCC authority has made our product undergo during pre-testing procedure, before deeming it appropriate to go into the market:  

• Check the overall device functionality and communication between the Dongle and the tags.

• Check electromagnetic field for both BLE and RFID modules

• Measure output power in different parts of the device, both internal and external. 

• Turn the device on and off in the middle of a scan. 

• Start/stop charging the device in the middle of a scan. 

• Test all the antennas that the device uses both separately and together, switching between them. 

• Validate the ability of the device to work well within a range of extreme temperatures.

• Testing the mobile app in various modes and situations. 

The Outcome of The Tests 

After going through all these tests, we have passed 75% of them which is something we are very happy with. However, we still have 25% left to pass, and need to do yet another revision of the hardware, which means replacing certain elements and adding others. 

Although this, unfortunately, means that we will have a delay of approximately 2 months before shipping can start, we don’t want you to be discouraged by this, and we want to emphasize to you our commitment to seeing production through to the end, as we do feel certain that we’re close to accomplishing it. 

Our entire team is working hard every day to complete production and implement the changes requested by the FCC. Our goal is simple, we cannot provide you with a product that doesn’t work to perfection. 

We remain extremely grateful your continued support and for understanding that we, as a Hardware startup company, have to face challenges that prevent us from shipping as soon as we wish we could. 

Please be certain that any delays cause us distress and that we have you, our dear backers, in mind at all times! We are so close to the finish line!

The GearEye devices
The GearEye devices

The GearEye Team.

GearEye's update on FCC process

Dear backers,  

Thank you for being overly patient to make it this far!  

We do want to let you know that the reason why the updates are not as frequent as we’d like them to be, is because our entire team is focused on seeing manufacturing through to the end.  

Nothing would make us happier than to be able to ship right away and let everyone have our product in their hands already. We sincerely apologize for all the delays and hope we will share a video of the good-working device in the next update.  

Now, the information everyone wants to know. Why has it taken so long? And why have there been so many delays? 

First of all, we discovered that the device was working at half the power because of one of the components. An RF element called a “circulator” was expected to work in the clockwise direction of the magnetic field but has been set to work in the counterclockwise direction until we found out about the mistake and we realized that we have to replace it for every unit.    

Left: RF component that needed replacement (circulator). Right: Test of the circulator and its behavior.
Left: RF component that needed replacement (circulator). Right: Test of the circulator and its behavior.
Visiting the manufacturer.
Visiting the manufacturer.

Aside from that setback in production, we are also waiting for the replacement to be done by our manufacturer, which will not start until at least 15 days from now as they are delayed due to the holidays in China. 

Now, we’re sure that raises the question “when will it finally ship?” in your minds. We know we previously told you we’d ship by the end of January/beginning of February, and you are right to be upset, we are sorry for having provided you with that information at the time. 

As much as we’d like to give you as a specific date for shipping, we’d like to humbly ask you to wait two more months, so as not to provide an estimated time that we cannot meet. We will continue to share all the information about the production with you, and we will be as specific as we can. Please keep in mind that while we have all the intention in the world to be as fast as possible in correcting this error in production, we do depend on the manufacturers and suppliers to complete their tasks.

Finally, we know that this doesn’t come close to compensating all your patience, but we have decided to add five additional on-metal tags to everyone’s kit, as a sign of gratitude for still supporting us and being as patient as you all have been.

It means more to us that we can tell you!

Sincerely yours,  
The GearEye Team.

GearEye update


Wewant to start this update by apologizing profusely to each and every single oneof you. We know it’s been a while since the last update and we’re sorry if anyof you have felt neglected in any way.

Asyou probably guess we’ve been extremely busy with production and related tasks.

Wedo have great news, and that is that the product is in the very final stages ofmanufacturing.

Toclarify to all of you exactly what we’ve been up to these past few weeks, we’renow proud to say that we have developed the version of the Dongle which is most close to the production. Thisversion has now better plastic, more powerful battery, stronger cord, and many other improvements. After we pass the regulations in a few weeks, we will call it final and won't change anymore.

The Dongle : Bottom part
The Dongle : Bottom part
The Front
The Front

Wehad also worked hard reducing some costs, but more importantly, tuning up thesoftware to make sure that it’s complete, super secure and without any fails.

Onthat same note, we want to reassure everyone that the software will count withvery secure encryption, so no one can “hack” or intrude into your item lists.

Dueto many requests, we are developing a Web Interface for the app, should youwant to access your information from a computer rather than your phone.

Weare enhancing our software so that it will enable import, export, and sharingof the lists. In addition to that, we have decided to add an “Anonymous” modein case you are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi and can't log in, which willallow you to do basic operations like searching for your items.

Togive you a glimpse of what we’re currently working on, we’reimproving antenna switching algorithm effectiveness, the calibration ofhardware elements, mechanical open-close issues, BLE robustness.

Open state
Open state

Wewant to end this update, thanking you again for your seemingly endlesspatience. Having your support to make this project come to life is worth moreto us than words can explain. Our whole team is humbled by your continuouskindness and belief.

The GearEye Team.

Final version

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