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Final version

Dear Backers,  

We are so very sorry for our shipping delay, and any inconveniences it may be causing. 
As you can see on our prototype video on the Kickstarter, we made a fully-functioning prototype in the form of a case for a Smartphone, which is totally different from what most of our backers have chosen - a dongle. Its form factor had a huge impact on the inner electronics and software. So we've had to adjust, which took us a bit of time. But that was our responsibility, and we take full accountability for it.

I want to personally reassure you that we're capable of finishing and delivering this truly amazing product. We've already overcome most of the difficulties and challenges. And we have so much invested into the (truly amazing) team and GearEye's development and manufacturing. 

We plan to deliver GearEye to all our backers by January, and really do thank you from the depths of our hearts for your patience.

This has been the most satisfying & fulfilling project any of us here have had the opportunity to work on, and we just ask that you extend your patience and grace slightly longer so we can experience the satisfaction of delivering this amazing product to you.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours, 
Julia Lerner 
CEO, GearEye

GearEye update #13

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GearEye news

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GearEye manufacturing news

Dear backers,  while we are waiting for the new version of the board to be back from manufacturing,  we concentrated on Software.
We are working extensively on our app and especially BLE communication layer. We connected one device to our app, now we are working on connecting multiple,  starting with two, and improving the communication speed.

We're shifting gears and closing up the shop on Indiegogo, and focusing on manufacturing and delivery as our first priority, but we will continue taking pre-orders on our new website
Take a look and let us know what you think! 
Those of you who wanted additional tags may purchase them there. Also you are all invited to select the color of the dongle by emailing to If you don't write to us, we'll assume that it's white (a default color). Though we aim for delivery to all of you in October,  new purchases on our site will be delivered later, near the end of the year.

The GearEye team

GearEye update #10

Dear backers,
the dongle is at final preparations for testing and mass production. We just had to overcome some difficulty: after assembling all the elements together we faced some unexpected behavior and found a few of our elements malfunctioning, so they needed to be replaced by others. Also we recomposed the units and redesigned the inner mechanical layout a bit. We will post a video, and start manufacturing right after the tests are satisfying.
If you have any question or would like to talk to us we'll be happy to answer in messages or via email
ETA: we aim for September-October.

More details on manufacturing process

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Update #8

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Update #7


Sorry for the lack of updates lately, we've been crazy busy improving and finalizing GearEye.  

We have some great news & less great news.We've updated our app's user interface (UI) and it's almost done. 

The industrial design and the mechanics are being polished before being integrated into the hardware.We're also nearing in on last stages before sending it around for integrations and regulation certification.  

Despite doing our honest best and initial assessment, it looks like our original delivery date of July will be postponed by a few months . 

We continue to do our best to get GearEye to you, and will continue to update regarding the progress.  

The GearEye Team

Production update

Hey all, 
Everything is going as planned. 
We’re building our GearEye towards mass production!  95% of our backersrequested the dongle, that is why we decided that it would make sense to startthe production of the dongle first. We hope that those of you who orderedthe case will kindly accept the dongle replacement or will wait a little bitlonger for the case production. We are expecting the delivery for the donglesto arrive on time. There has been an insane amount of work that our teamhas put in.  We have completed the dongle's design, andpassed it to the local manufacturers. 

Thank you so much for the support,
The GearEye Team

Steps towards the dongle's manufacturing

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