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Early user feedback + CNBC feature

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Shipping Tracking Emails + App Preview

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The home stretch + free thank-you gift

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Wireless charger, FCC passed

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Software and manufacturing update

Dear Backers,

This past month has been a busy time at Lief. Let's jump into it!

We've had great turnout for our user testing in San Francisco – thank you to everyone that participated! We've learned so much, and appreciate this community's openness and willingness to co-create Lief with us. If you’re in San Francisco and would like to join yourself, you can sign up here

A favorite experience in user testing has been watching users feel their heart beat for the first time. It might begin with a little confusion, unsure of what the pulsing sensation on the chest is, then a smile or laugh. One user said matter-of-factly, “That’s me isn’t it? Right now… this is me, right now,” closing her eyes and grinning. Another user shared, “It’s reminding me that I’m alive. My watch tells me that I’ve reached a goal. But this relays that I am me, and I can make a change right now, or just be in this moment.”

It is incredibly powerful and exciting to see users impacted in these ways on their very first wear; the product is still in it’s infancy and yet it’s having the desired effect and experience. It’s so rewarding to see it all come together.

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We've significantly improved your Lief based on user testing. All Kickstarter backers who purchased a Lief Smart or Lief Pro will automatically get all of these updates with their reward:

  • Quieter haptic engine for added discreetness
  • Custom-made stickers for extra skin comfort and multi-day reusability
  • Fully sealed, sweat-proof design with wireless charging 
  • Improved algorithms to calculate personalized heart zones for each user 
  • Stronger motor design to make sure it's felt on different body types
Inductive charging, and improved flexibility
Inductive charging, and improved flexibility

We’re confident you're getting the best Lief possible, but unfortunately these upgrades will delay shipping. Sealing and sweat-proofing Lief alone required significant changes to our PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and supply chain, and we've had to source new wireless chargers and motors, testing and improving iteratively. In order to make sure these changes are properly installed and programmed, we have to do an extra “sample run” before mass production. This is an involved process with several long lead-time components. Our revised shipping schedule will now begin in September. 

We apologize for the delay as we know many of you want to get your Lief sooner, but we just couldn’t ship Liefs we weren't completely satisfied with ourselves. We’re working closely with all of our suppliers to ensure quality and work around any future delays. Thank you all for supporting us and for being patient as we create a new type of technology that can really help people.

We’ll continue to deliver transparent updates to you on this process as we enter the next phase. Thanks for all of your support and patience in making this project happen, and more soon.

-Lief Team-

User testing and updated shipping schedule

Hey Backers!

As we mentioned in our last update, we’re in China! Billy is on the ground in Shenzhen poring over every detail in the manufacturing process of your Lief device. We’re getting the first units from our sample production test and beginning the review process. There are many things to get right, ranging from the softness of the silicone on your skin, to the analog signal quality, so we’ll be meticulous. This process will also help us make corrections and enhancements for the upcoming production run, and discover ways to optimize the process. We’re off to a great start, and things are running smoothly! Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of the manufacturing.

If you’re in the San Francisco/Bay Area and would like to beta test a Lief, we’d love to get your feedback. Please click here and we’ll coordinate next steps shortly. Thank you!

Sample tool update & beta-testing

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Fully sealed - Production tooling underway

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That’s a Wrap!

Hi friends,   

We wanted to express our deepest gratitude to all of you! We hit $250,000, which is 500% our original funding and it’s only because you all have helped make this possible. We can’t thank you enough for choosing to become a part of the Lief family. 

We’ve had an exciting past few weeks, traveling around, demoing the Lief at different conferences, and preparing to show at CES in January.  

$300k Stretch Goal - 

Sleep AnalysisWe’ve heard some great questions about sleep tracking with your Lief. We couldn’t agree more that sleep quality is a huge factor in health and wellbeing. For our $300k stretch goal, we’re adding a sleep analysis feature so you can easily collect your HRV overnight. By measuring HRV while sleeping, you will gain greater insight into quality of sleep and the recovery gained from sleeping. We have a sleep expert (announcing soon) that will help us develop this feature. We’ll reveal more soon, but wanted you to be the first to know.

New Team Member 

We’re also excited to announce that world-renowned psychologist and author Rick Hanson Ph.D, has joined the team as an advisor and will help contribute to the Self-Regulation Toolkit that comes with all $25+ pledges. We’re thrilled and humbled to have him join Tara Brach and other thought leaders in the space that believe in the Lief and it’s ability to help understand and improve the patterns of our body and mind in daily living.

Don’t forget to include the happiness that Lief could not only bring to you, but your family and friends as well.

  • Please continue to share the Lief on Facebook by clicking HERE
  • Or use this link to post anywhere!

As always, let us know if you have any questions! 

With Excitement! 

-Your Lief Team

We Hit 500% + Stretch Goal

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