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The Last Delivery Update

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Shipping Update - Please Read it!

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Shipping update 4 - It's on the way

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Shipping update 3 - It's a matter of days

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Production & Delivery Update - Important

Hi Guys, 

As you know, some number of the Legs Jacket has already been sent and receive and the third wave will be sent after the weekend. 

Everything is going okay now some delays but we wanted to give you a new, short update.

The batch that will be sent to Hong Kong (for all non-EU backers) and distributed all around the world will be sent in three weeks. We wanted to send it in two parts of approximately 350 pairs but our contract with the shipping company was that it will all be done in one batch. Because of that, we will wait that period and send all the remaining pairs which will be directly distributed to you. 

Every backer will receive a tracking code via email when the package is sent.

Thank you for your support! We know that you trusted us and we indeed failed to deliver on time. We're sorry for this, but we had a tremendous amount of unexpected problems during this project. We'll name a few here: 

- The first Chinese manufacturer let us down because the lady we talked to switched jobs and they were hard to reach

- Our backup manufacturer from Taiwan received a big order and we were unable to work with them anymore in a timely manner 

- We found a European manufacturer that makes premium apparel for high-end Italian brands and agreed to work with him to ensure the best quality, even if the costs were 30% higher than in Asia 

- We waited for a fabric sample from Sympatex for about 2 months (DHL 24 dec left HK and arrive at the factory on the 21st of February) - we posted an update on this 

- Sympatex did not have all the fabric we wanted to buy in stock so we had to wait for 8 weeks to make a new batch (since we were expecting fewer orders)

 - Since we had to import the fabrics to Europe we had to pay import duties and VAT which made things even more complicated 

- After the new manufacturer received the fabric sample, he waited a while for the accessories, made a sample and sent it to Sympatex 

- The quality was not good enough (we posted an update on it) so we had to work on that to get it right 

- The original sizes we made in Asia were not complying with the standard our manufacturer had so everything had to be re-made 

- After the fabric was delivered to the factory, the manufacturer was still waiting for the accessories (zippers, velcro, etc.) which came later - when they were ready to start manufacturing we were informed that everything will be ready in about 3 weeks - it turned out to be far from the truth. 

- They sent a few samples and the quality was not good so we asked to fix it, they did and finally made a good product 

- A while later they told us that the machine that applies the reflective part broke. They ordered a new part. It came after 2 weeks but it turned out that was the wrong part, so they had to order a new one and wait even more

- In the meantime, the manufacturer had orders with his old customers so he outsourced part of manufacturing to a 3rd party without informing us in the first place

- This new manufacturer was lacking workforce and was not so serious, but slowly was delivering good quality products - our original idea was to ship directly from China, at a low cost, but it turned out the shipping price is almost double in Europe

We scheduled the delivery to Hong Kong last week but one day before delivery the manufacturer did not pick his phone, so after calling him over 50 times and from different numbers, he picked up. He broke our initial agreement and postponed us several times so, in the end, he agreed to pay some penalties that we have to pay in order to be able to ship the parcels in two batches to Hong Kong (the fulfillment center ask for some extra fees if we do meet their minimum threshold).

He also provided the phone number of the manufacturer he outsourced to. We spoke with the man and it turned out that his factory is located in Moldova and is now working at a capacity of 150 pairs/week. They said they have in stock 280 pairs in Moldova and 183 in Romania and he promised that everything will be ready in two weeks. We hope it will be like this!

We are now trying to arrange a visit to their factory and will post an update on that as soon as we do.

Now we have in stock 50 pairs that we packed and will ship out this week to our European backers.

So yes, it will be slow but you will get your product and the quality is very good - as some backers that received their order stated in the comments. We hope you'll love it!

And now some good news - we just received our trademark documents from the "United States Patent and Trademark Office". 

Kind Regards,


Shipping update 2 - We're almost there

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Shipping update 1 - Sizing - IMPORTANT

Hey, everyone, we know this update came later than expected, but once again we encountered some problems. Our manufacturer kept delaying the delivery, later to find out that he outsourced most of the manufacturing process to another factory because our order would overlap with another order he had planned. He indeed informed us that he will outsource some of the processes that require machines that he does not have, but not most of it. The 3rd party he outsourced to had some issues with the personnel and the process prolonged even more. That would be the bad news.

The good news is that they are in full production now and as you can see in the pictures made a part of the order (about 150 items) and will continue working on the rest. This week we'll receive the pants, pack it and start sending it out to you.

We're sorry about this, but it was out of our control and we hope you will understand us." Our only goal is to make you satisfied because you made this happen. 



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Production Update 7 - Starting Shipping

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Production Update 6 - First Products

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Production Update 5 - Production Started

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